Aug 27, 2015

Convert any kind of video files to animated GIF with 'Video to GIF'

GIF memes are very popular on Internet. Most of the viral article blogs use GIF. Social media is also another place where you can see animated GIFs posted by various users. Do you also want to create animated GIF? In my previous posts, I posted about various tools which lets you create GIFs from photos, videos or screencasting. In this article, I want to introduce a nice video to GIF making tool 'Video to GIF' by

5 Best Hacking Books to Learn Hacking From Basics

Most of use want to learn how to hack Facebook, Gmail or WhatsApp. Few want to learn hacking just to show good impression on others. But hacking knowledge also brings a good career opportunity. If you know hacking, you can start your career as an ethical hacker and earn good money. With increasing use of smartphone and internet, it is becoming important to protect data and devices. So, need of hackers is also increasing. Penetration tester, security analysts and network security admin are few high paying jobs in market. Job of hackers is to hack the network, application or device before making it live for users. Hackers helps companies in testing the security of the product.
Most of the big companies now offer bug bounty program and pay money to hackers for finding security related issues. So, there is a big earning opportunity.

Aug 22, 2015

How to Force Quit Applications on Mac

Mac OS X is a nice operating system which is known for its high performance. Although, users usually do not face issues, but an application may freeze. In this case, you can either wait the app to respond or force quit the app.

Aug 19, 2015

Why should you hide your phone number on Facebook and how to do this?

Facebook asks everyone to add phone number to make account recovery easier. But this creates worse condition. Anyone can find information about you just by using phone number. Actually, they just need a random phone number and then they can easily find out who is the person using the phone number. This is a huge privacy flaw but most of the people are not aware of this. Even you can try searching for a random number on Facebook search. If the number exists in any Facebook profile, you will end up getting that profile in search.

Aug 1, 2015

How to send whatsapp messages to a contact with Google Now voice commands

Google has added the support to send messages to messaging apps by using Google Now voice commands. Supported apps are Whatsapp, Viber, Hike and few other apps. So, you can send messages to your contact without touch your phone.

Jul 23, 2015

Format text in Hangouts with these Keyboard shortcuts

Do you use Google's Hangouts? If yes, I have something good for you. I am not sure if you already know not. Previously, Google's GTalk and Gmail chat had option to format the text to make it bold, italic and underline. Now, those trick do not work. But Hangouts still lets you format the text. See the snapshot below.

Jul 16, 2015

How to lock down Google Drive files to prevent copy, download or printing a file

Google has quietly added a nice option in Google Drive. This new option is called  'Lock down' which prevents others from copying, printing or downloading any document you have shared with them. So, they will only be able to read the file but not be able to copy or download. This privacy feature is really good.

Jul 4, 2015

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages or hack WhatsApp

 I don't think I should explain the reason why one will want to hack any Whatsapp account or want to read Whatsapp messages of someone else. But if you are one of those, I have some useful information for you. Whatsapp comes with built in security which makes messages secure and personal. It is not easy to hack into Whatsapp account until you get the access to device. But there are few ways which lets you get access to Whatsapp messages of someone else.

Ways to Spy on Whatsapp Messages or Hack WhatsApp of someone else

There are basically two ways of monitoring or spying on Whatsapp messages. First way is to use the spy software. Second way is the use of Mac Address spoofing. I will first explain the easier way and then the tough way.

1. Use of Spy tools

Using a Spy software is the easiest way to hack a WhatsApp account to read all messages. You can spy on that phone to see Whom that person is talking and what messaging is happening there. One of my best spy tool is mSpy. It is best cell phone tracking and monitoring tool available. It is available for both Android and iOS. So, you can spy only if the person is using WhatsApp on Android or iOS device.

Good thing is that the tool works really good but bad thing is that it is paid. But price is affordable if you really want to hack Whatsapp. This is not just for Whatsapp, you can track every single activity of the phone. So, you will have access to phone call logs, Facebook chats, messages and other things. You can also see photos and videos stored in the phone. Parents can use this phone to take an eye on their kids.
Use mSpy to hack Whatsapp

How to use mSpy

As I already said, mSpy is a tracking software. You need to install it in the target phone which you want to monitor. Once it is installed in the target phone, you can access the device from the mSpy web account.
You can download mSpy from the link below:

2. Mac Address Spoofing [Difficult way]

This is the toughest way if you do not want to use the tracking software. This method works if you spoof the Mac address of your device to the same as in the device which you want to track. So, go and find the Mac address of the phone which you want to track. 

Use the following methods to know the Mac address.

For Android –  Go to settings —> About phone —> Status—> Wi-Fi MAC address
For iPhone – Go to Settings—> General —> About —> Wi-Fi address
For Windows Phone – Go to Settings —> About —> More info —> MAC address
For BlackBerry – Go to options —> Device —> Device and Status info —> WLAN MAC

You can use the above methods to find the Mac address.

Now when you have Mac Address, you can now spoof that address in your device. You can use available apps to do this. But it has lots of restriction and needed rooting. For Android, try Mac Address Changer app. Similarity in iOS, you need to jailbreak your device to spoof the Mac address. Once you are done with this, now install WhatsApp in your device with same number and confirm it. Yes, use the target's phone number and some how manage to verify. I know this is bit tricky. This is why I said this method to be difficult.

Second method is bit complicated and not for every one. So, I recommend use of mSpy for easy solution,

Warning: You can use this guide for educational or genuine reasons. If you try to use this for illegal purpose, you will be help for cyber crimes. I ( will not take any responsibility.

Jun 28, 2015

How to Enable the Undo Send feature in Gmail

Few days back, Google made its experimental feature "Undo Send" official. I already posted an article covering Gmail's Undo Send feature. At that time, this feature was available via Gmail labs. Now, the feature is available for all users. If you were not already using using this feature, you can enable this from the settings of your Gmail account. If you still do not know about this, it is a Gmail feature which lets you stop a sent mail from being sent to the receiver. Yes, if you accidently sent an email to someone, you can stop that email within a specified amount of time.

Jun 16, 2015

Check if your router has not been hacked

DNS is an important part of Internet. When you try to access a website with its web address, DNS helps in converting the request to its IP address. In actually, when you request for, it translates your request to its IP address to let you access the website. Your system or router knows how to contact DNS to properly serve your request. There are few public DNS servers are available. Google DNS and OpenDNS are most popular. Your internet service provider may also have one which it use to configure as default DNS server for your internet connection.