Jul 19, 2014

5 Cool Extensions To Make Chrome's Start Page Better And Attractive

Google Chrome is a the most popular desktop browser. With the use of various apps and extension, we can do lot more things on Chrome. Start page of Google Chrome brings grid view of the websites which we visit more frequently on the browser. But what if you want to have more than just these websites. You can try few extensions which can modify your browser's start page to make it more productive.

Jul 12, 2014

Resize Animated GIF Images With GIF Resizer

It is easy to resize images by using any image editing too. You can even use MS Paint to resize images. But resizing animated GIF images is not easy. Some image editors supports GIF images but cannot resize all frames. You need to have some image editors which supports resizing all frames of GIF images. For this, you can use GIF Resizer. It is a portable tool for Windows which can resize animated GIF images without loss in the quality.

Jul 11, 2014

How to Search for Multiple FileTypes at the same time in Windows

Search Multiple File Type in WindowsWindows operating system gives a powerful search to find the files stored on your system quickly. For refining your search, you can add search filters to get results quicker. You can add filters for file size, date modified, filetype and more.

So, if you want to search for all pdf file, just type *.pdf in the search box and it will show you all PDF files in results. Similarly you can do for other kind of file types and get the results. If you want to find a pdf file with the install keyword in name, you can search for keyword EXT:pdf. Searching for keyword PDF also works. But what if you want to search for multipe file extensions simultaneously? The process is similar and most of you can already guess if you know much about Windows search operators.

If you want to search for a file name in extensions PDF, CSV and DOC, you can combine the operators like this

file name Ext:.PDF OR Ext:.CSV OR Ext:.DOC

This also gives same results.

file name Ext:PDF OR Ext:CSV OR Ext:DOC

One thing to note that OR will be capitalized otherwise it will not work. 

Jul 7, 2014

5 Services to Make Money from Your Twitter Account

Twitter is the most popular micro blogging websites where users can share their thoughts in 140 characters' tweet. You can follow other people to get their tweets on your home feed. You can also follow the trending topics via trending hashtags. In past few years, Twitter has become a good place to promote products. So, various marketing companies have created a new way of monetization via Twitter. If you have good number of followers, you can easily monetize your twitter account. In this post, I am adding 5 most popular services which lets users monetize their Twitter account.

Jul 4, 2014

Detect Hidden Malware and Repair System With Hijack Hunter

Malware infection is very panic situation. Although updated antivirus is capable enough to detect known threats. But few malware can escape the antivirus protect and case mode damage. It becomes worse if the malware disable your task manager or modify registry information. To solve these kind of malware related issues, you should have Hijack Hunter. This is a nice software utility which can detect the hidden malware in your system and offers solutions to the damage these malware did in your system. It is a free tool and available for free on Sourceforge.

Jul 1, 2014

How to Set Maximum Number of Tabs in Firefox With Max Tabs

When you open too many tabs in your Firefox, it start consuming lots of system RAM. So, you should always try to keep number of tabs as less as possible. If you think it is hard for you to follow this, you can try MaxTabs add-on. This cool Firefox add-on will limit the maximum number of tabs you can open in your browser.

Jun 27, 2014

Download an Instagram User’s Pictures and Videos With Instagram Saver

If you follow your favorite celebrity on Instagram, you surely want to download most of their photos to your system for offline access. There may be many other reasons to have download feature for instagram. In past, we have  posted about instagram downloader and Instaport app which let you download Instagram photos. We have also posted how you can Transfer Instagram photos to Flicker. In this post, we adding another cool software "InstagramSaver" for downloading Instagram photos in Windows System.

Jun 19, 2014

"Back Again?" Tracks How Often You Visit a Website

In a day, we usually visit hundreds of website and in a month we visit thousands of websites. Have you ever thought to know how often you visit your favorite websites? There is a nice solution for Google Chrome users. "Back Again?" is a simple Google Chrome extension which tracks the your web visits and create a counter of websites you visit.

Play Music On Chrome's Omnibar with Instant Music

Want to listen music but do not want to open media player and select songs? Let Google Chrome play music for you. Instant Music is an extension that adds a media player in the tool bar of Google Chrome and play songs in different genres.

Jun 16, 2014

How to See a password stored in FileZilla

Filezilla is the popular FTP client which is used to move files from your local system to FTP and vice versa. In FileZilla, we can save the FTP login details of various websites. So, you do not need to enter details each time you want to login. You can just go to site manager and select the website in which you want to login and connect. But what if you want to see the password saved in your FileZilla site manager. You can neither see the password nor copy it. If you are regular FileZilla user, you already know it. But Many people new to FileZilla struggle in this.