5 Best MP3 Music Downloader Apps for Android

We all love listening to music in our smartphones. When we are traveling, music is the best thing we enjoy to pass time. Although there are various music streaming services available, we are still comfortable with having favorite songs saved in the phone. Previously, it was not very easy to download music to smartphones, but now we have few best music downloading apps to download music in our phone and enjoy. In this post, we are adding few music downloader apps for Android that will make it easier to download music on the phone.

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This list is also important because finding the good music downloader app from Play store is a pain. You will mostly see useless apps ranking at the top. Most of those will only send you to few websites filled with apps. So, we tested few apps and found these working free music download apps for android.

 Best MP3 Music Downloader Apps for Android

1. 4shared Music

Best MP3 Music Downloader Apps

4shared Music is one of the most popular music downloader apps for Android devices. It claims to offer more than 60 million songs and also offers you 15GB free space to upload your own music. by using the search, you can easily find your favorite track and download. TO download the track, you just need to hold down on the music title.

Not just popular tracks, you will also be able to search unknown tunes from emerging artists.

Download 4Shared

2. SoundCloud

free music download apps for android

SoundCloud is not a new name. It allows you to search for most popular music for free. You can listen to millions of music and even download the MP3 to listen to offline. There are thousands of SoundCloud users who regularly upload new tracks daily. It is the big source of independent labels and unsigned artists.

Download SoundCloud

3. RockMyRun

Music Downloader Apps for Android

RockMyRun is another nice Android app to download music for offline playback. It delivers DJ-mixed playlists and hence it becomes best if you want music for workouts.The app comes with world’s leading DJ mixer like David Guetta, Zedd, Afrojack, Major Lazer and many more. If you like this kind of songs, you should not miss this app.

Download RockMyRun

4. Google Play Music

free MP3 Music Downloader App

Google Play Music is another nice Android app for downloading music. Google Play Music is Google’s app for music and offers free songs and albums to download.

You can also buy the subscription to enjoy full portfolio. It also allows you to upload 50000 songs of a personal collection and listen to offline.

Download Google Play Music

5. Blue Music MusicBox Downloader

free MP3 Music Downloader App

Blue Music MusicBox Downloader is a simple Android music downloader app that offers millions of MP3 music files. You can download those music files and listen to it when you are offline. You can also download music from any website where you are offered free music.

It comes with a search function to search for a song and then download. You can also set it to download songs in your SD card.


Final Words

There are many other similar free MP3 Music Downloader Apps available in Play store. But these apps will satisfy your criteria and you will get cool tracks to enjoy.

What MP3 Music Downloader App do you use? Let us know in comments below.