10 Easy Ways To Increase Traffic of a Website

Ways to increase website traffic


As a blogger, we all want to have more and more traffic on our website each day. If you have an established blog, you may already have good traffic but we can always increase the traffic with some working ways. I have a dedicated blog Quick Web Resources that talks about WordPress tutorial, Blogging and SEO things. You can visit that blog if you want to read in-depth guides on SEO, blogging and similar things.

In this article, I will write 10 working ways to increase the traffic of your blog or website.

 10 Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic

There can be more complex ways, but I just adding easy ways to improve the traffic.

  1. Write clearly and describe things with examples and snapshots. It will make the post easy to read and readers will surly come back to read your next posts. Most of the people like articles that are easy to understand.  Post useful things that give some knowledge to other people. Try to write posts that solve other person’s problem. Try to write everything in an easy manner. You can see my How to guides where I start from basics.
  2. Blog’s design also affects the traffic. Design and color scheme must be professional. Content should be readable. Avoid adding too much ad units. You can think of installing a good theme. Themeforest is a good marketplace to buy best themes. Themes also have SEO impact. So, you should always take this seriously.
  3. Never use pop up or pop under ads. I think no one likes these kinds of ads. Always make it easy to see content on your blog. If the reader will find it difficult, he will press back button at once and will never think of coming back to your website. Google has also started penalizing websites that have too many ads. Google also discourage the use of pop-up and pop-under ads.
  4. Setup subscription option and allow users to subscribe your blog feeds. You can use Feedburner or MailChimp like free service to offer feed subscription. Once users have started subscribing to your blog’s feed, they will be notified of all your new articles. In this way, your regular readers will always get your new articles updates.
  5. Make a social media presence of your blog. Create Facebook, Google+ pages of your blog and Twitter profile. Share your posts on these pages just after posting and let your followers know about your new blog posts. Social media is a big source of traffic.
  6. Offer something valuable for free. People like things that are free. You can offer free PDF or try some giveaway. This will also promote your blog and bring some new visitors.
  7. Participate in discussions in blogging forums and interact with other bloggers. If any of your post help in solving other person’s problem by giving your post’s link. I am regular on Quora and I also recommend you to find relevant forums and start sharing your knowledge. In this way, you will be able to create genuine followers who will love to read your blog posts.
  8. Write guest posts for some big blogs in the same niche. It will bring some targeted traffic on your blog. Big blogs have good traffic and a large reader base. If you write an interesting post there, people will surely come to your blog to read your articles regularly. I am sure you will get some daily readers for your blog.
  9. Follow SEO tips and optimize your blog and blog posts for search engines. Do not forget to add alt text in images. SEO optimized blogs have better chances to appear in the search results. Start learning SEO, keyword research and post optimization. Without proper keyword research, your blog post will not get good exposure in search engines. You can use SEMrush for keyword research.

These are some quick tips that will surely help you to increase your blog traffic in less time. I know this guide just covered the things in a very basic manner and I have not written about these ways in details. But all these ways are a big blog topic in itself. So, I recommend you to visit Quick Web Resources to find these guides in details.


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