10 Features of Google Photos You should Know

Few days back, Google announced Google Photos as its newest attempt to compete with Flickr. It seems Google has gotten success in getting earlier attention from media and users around the world. Good thing is that you do not need to use Google+ to use this service. So, a normal Google account will work with this. Google has added so many features in this photo backup service to make it a better place for your photos and videos online. Google Photos is also available for iOS, Android, and Desktop. So, you can easily upload your camera photos and videos.

After using it for few days, I am really impressed with this new service. So, here I am writing 10 features of Google Photos you should know. Before writing more, I want to confirm it that Google Photos and Google+ Photos are not the same services.

10 Features of Google Photos You should to Know

1. It offers unlimited cloud storage for your photos and videos

Yes, it is true. Unlike Google Drive or Google+ Photos, here are you are getting unlimited storage for free of cost. So, you can upload high-quality images and HD videos without worrying about storage limit. Now you can carry all your photos with you everywhere with this new photo back service by Google.

2. Easy Uploads

Google Photos offers easy photos and videos upload options. On the web, you can just drag and drop to upload your photos. You can either upload single photos one by one or upload multiple photos simultaneously. Just dropping your photos or videos on photos.google.com will start upload. You can also set auto-sync from your desktop or mobile phone to upload your photos automatically.

3. Smart Photo search

Google has incorporated smarter search in Google Photos. You can search across your photos much similar to what you do in Google images. It means you can easily search images by keywords but Google will also show results matching photo objects with keywords. For example, if you search for ‘food’, Google will also display photos of any kind of food stored in your account. Search is not just limited to the name of the image file.

4. Photo editing

Google Photos comes with good image editing options. Just click on pencil icon at the top right side of the photos and it will open the photo in the image editor. There are various options to edit your photos. You can change brightness, contrast or color level. You can crop the photo or apply color filters to enhance your photo.

Google Photos Image editor

5. No more duplicate photos

Google Photos is very smart. It will merge duplicate photos if you try to upload. SO, you do not need to worry about the duplicate photos available in your account. It can automatically clean your space by removing any duplicate photo.

6. Photo assistant

This is another very good feature of Google Photos. It will browse all your photos to find similarities and the compiles them together. It will show you the compilation and asks you to save the compilation in the library. Basically, it wants you to stay organized automatically.

7. Get Professional looking movies

Google Photos can also create professional looking movies with your related photos and videos. It will also add a matching sound track to make it much better. This is also a very good feature of Google Photos.

8. Create GIF from sequence of Photos

If you have a sequence of photos of any incident, you can use those photos to create a GIF image. It means, creating GIF from photos is now easier with Google Photos.

9. Capture the full scene

This feature is a bit complicated and I do not know how you will manage to use it while you have panorama feature on the camera. But, if your phone does not support panorama capturing, you can still create the panorama from photos taken by your phone. You only need to take side by side photos to capture a long scene in multiple photos. Google Photos will merge all those photos to create the panorama.

10. Timeline

By using the time and location of your photos, Google Photos will also create a timeline to show your photos. This interactive timeline will tell your story.

Google Photos is a must try service. If you like to capture photos from your camera or smartphone, do not miss the chance to have a photo backup service with unlimited storage. Try Google Photos now.

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