10 Tips for Writing an SEO Oriented Article


Writing is an art or more of a skill people are born with, but this does not mean that you will not be able to come up with a content that holds some strong points and is useful to improve your business’s ranking with the leading search engines. There are some vital points that can be useful for your site’s content, blog, directories and various other online content enhances your search engine rankings and let your business move ahead. Following for the 10 tips which you must take into account while writing an SEO oriented content:

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Tips For SEO Oriented Article

Tips for Writing an SEO Oriented Article

1. Your Content Does Matter

It does not really matter what you write about, you need to consider that your content has the potential to reach your targeted audience and eventually useful for your business. On-site, articles and blog’s content can help you link your business being a useful source of providing interesting and useful information regarding the industry you operate in. Always remember that a well written content about interesting and hot topics is more likely to be shared and spread out by your targeted audience, which is going to improvise your page ranks too.

2. Headings Should Be Compelling

You need to ensure that the headings of your content should be useful. They are extremely imperative as they are the very first thing that grabs any visitor’s attention. Instead of using a generic, boring headings, ensure that your heading is catchy, clearly explains what your content is about. Inserting the keywords into the headings is certainly a great idea.

3. Focus On The Topic

Writing around the particular topic and then drifting to the unrelated ones is quite easy. However, you need to ensure that you stay focused on the topic you are writing about. So do proper research on a article before start writing about it. This helps you to write a good quaily article that really matters for most of the readers

4. Keyword Density and Length

The content you are working on could vary from 300 – 1000 words in length. The length of your article will be greatly determined by the number of keywords you are utilizing: you should always be using a keyword for every 50 -100 words. Keyword density must be in between 2-3. But for being on safer side, you can do it in between 1-2.

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5. Do Not Stuff The Keywords

You need to keep this point in mind that the keywords should not be stacked into the content. This happens to be very unprofessional and sloppy. You must equally spread your keywords throughout the content, which is going to make them look more organic.

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6. Keyword Should be Added To The Bio

Every time you are writing an SEO oriented article, you have to add in your biographical information too. This happens to be a worthy chance while you are looking for SEO optimization. Ensure that you add your keyword at least once in the bio.

7. Write And Then Tag Hierarchically

While you make use of the most suitable tags for your content, it will show it as an extremely well-structured and professional content to the leading search engines, which will lead to higher PRs. Ensure that you use the H1 tag for the headings, the H2 tag for subheads and various others.

8. META Descriptions

Meta Tags also play important role in SEO. You must have a META description of at least 150 characters which should have the keyword included. This way Google will recognize your content and it will will valued. Some search engine also show this as snippet on search result page

9. Content Should Be Original

Search engines penalize all such portals that publish duplicate content. Ensure that your content posted on the site is original and unique. After the release of Google Panda and Penguin algorithms, Google is heavely penalizing blogs who copy content from other websites or try to produce same content on different pages of their blogs. This results in more than 90% drop in traffic of the blog. So never try to copy articles based on this

10. Make Use of Appropriate Images

Always make use of appropriate and catchy images that are related to your content. Make sure you have added a proper ALT and TITLE tag in the images with keyword you are targeting the article. These were some basics tips for writing SEO Oriented Article to get better search engine positions for your blog on some target keywords.

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