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YouTube is the most popular video sharing website where millions of users daily share and enjoy videos. We all use YouTube for watching videos. But sometimes searching for a video takes too much time. YouTube also has search filters to narrow your search. You can also use those filters by using Search operators. In this article, I am adding for YouTube search operators for better video searching experience on YouTube. With these search operators, you will be able to find the desired video content quickly. You will be able to narrow your search criteria to find what you are looking for.

YouTube Search Operators

1. Search Only Channel Not Video

If you are only searching for the channel, then just entering the channel name will show you many videos having that word in video title and description. But you can just get channels results by adding word “, channel” in search query.

Search for: “Channel Name, channel”

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2. Search Only Playlist

If you are searching only for playlist. Then append ‘, Playlist’ word in the search term. And results will contain only playlists.

Search For: “Lady Gaga, Playlist”

3. Search High Definition Video

This is very helpful. If you are searching for video, then this search operator will help you in searching only “HD” videos. Just add word ‘, HD’ in search query. It will show you results only with HD video.

Search For: “iPhone unboxing, HD”

4. Find Longer Videos

Many times you need videos with in-depth tutorials or interview. So, searching for long videos will give you results with full episode. Because many people upload small clips of a large episode in parts. So, limit YouTube search to return long video.

Search for “Binary Search Algorithm Introduction, long”

5. Find Short Videos

In case you want short video, just use this search operator and it will give you videos shorter than 4 minutes.

Search :  “B-Tree, short”

6. Find YouTube Videos Uploaded Within A Time Range

If you want to search videos uploaded within a time range, you can try this search operator. if you want to search videos uploaded within last hour add ‘, hour’ in search. For Video uploaded today, add ‘, Today’ in search. Similarly add ‘, week’, ‘, month’ and ‘, year’ for refining your search.

Search: “IPL, hour”

7. Search only TV shows

If you want to watch TV shows on YouTube, just search the name with ‘, show’ word in the query. If you want to watch Game of Thrones, search like this

Search for: ‘Game of Thrones, Show’

8. Find Videos With Exact search Terms

Like Google, YouTube also allows you filtering the search by finding results with exact words. If you want videos with a specific word in title, use intitle search operator. But use of this search operator is different from the operators I mentioned above.

Moto E intitle:Unboxing

This will search videos of Moto E with at least “Unboxing” word in title.

If you want to search for multiple words in title, use allintitle.

allintitle: “Install WordPress on localhost”

9. Find Live Streaming YouTube Videos

If you want to show videos of some conference of live event, just add ‘, live’ in search and it willdisplay the live streaming videos.
Search like this: “FIFA, Live”

10. Find Movies On YouTube

If you want to watch full movie on YouTube, just add ‘, movie’ and it will display the results with Movie only. You can also use zerodollarmovies to watch full length movies of YouTube.

“Mission Impossible 4, movie”

11. Search 3D videos

Similarly, you can also search for 3D movies by adding ‘, 3D’ in search query.

Avatar, 3D

But you need to have device capable of showing 3D content properly. Or buy 3D glasses to watch these videos.

12: Mix All Above Filters

You can mix all the above filters to refine your search. See the example below:

Google Search intitle:Algorithm, long, HD

If you think that it is hard for you to remember all these search operators, you can try YouTube filters. When you add these search operators, it automatically adds a YouTube filter. To manually apply a filter see the filter dropdown below the search box.

YouTube Search FIlters

Final Words

Now you know few good YouTube search operators. These search filters will help you in finding videos quicker. Try these YouTube search filters and share your experience with us via comments. YouTube is now a part of our daily life. If you know search operators, you can easily filter results and get the best out of it.

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