11 PDF Search Engines To Search And Download Free PDF Books


PDF and ebook search is one of the important searches which we do to find books or research paper related to a topic. Most of us use Google or other search engines for this book. Advanced users use Google filetype query to make search even more, better to filter results only to PDF.  Still, it takes longer time than finding just content.

To make the PDF search faster we can use some PDF search engines which shows only PDF links for your search term. In this post, I am adding 11 best PDF search websites which allow users to search PDF files only.

11 PDF Search Engines To Search And Download Free PDF Books

These are few well-known PDF search engines. You can try these to find an ebook on any topic you wish.

1. Pdf search engine

Pdf search engine is a popular PDF search engine. It allows you to find free PDF books and files on the internet.  You can download them to your computer.


2. findpdfdoc

findpdfdoc is another pdf search engine which you can use to find ebooks or PDF files.

3. Findpdf

Findpdf is another popular PDF search engine. You can search, store and share PDF files for free.

4. soPDF

SoPDF is also a good website where you can search for PDF files.

5. Freefullpdf

Freefullpdf is a nice website where you can search over 80 million scientific documents.

6. Openpdf

Openpdf is also a similar kind of website with same features  Search for PDF files by keywords and phrase. It also offers a Firefox add-on for searching eBooks direct from the browser.

7. PDF searcher

PDF searcher is a Google-powered search engine that queries Google to show PDF search results.

8. also has a big collection of ebooks that you can search and download for free.

9. Findthatfile

Findthatfile can search files from internet, Usenet, FTP, Emule and educational sources.

10. Pdfsearchengine

With Pdfsearchengine, you can search PDF, Text, RTF and MS Word Files. This site has many other tools as well which can help you a lot.


11. Docjax

Docjax is another website where you can Search for PDF files and other document types.

There are many other less popular search engines also available which allows users to search and download PDF files. If you know any other good PDF search engine that should be the part of this list, you can share the name with us. There are many PDF Search Engines which stop working after some months. If any of these has stopped working, notify us and I remove it as soon as possible.

If you have anything to ask, you can comment below.


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