15 Best Websites to Find Royalty-Free Music for videos on YouTube

Best Websites to Find Royalty-Free Music

Music is the soul of any video. Good music makes videos more interesting. Even if your video has dialogs, background music makes it even better. If you are YouTuber or work in the video editing industry, I can understand the importance of Royalty-Free Music in your life. One cannot use any random audio file in your video because YouTube or Facebook will take down your video for music copyright violation. Every music is the property of its creator. So, you need to get permission and pay a royalty to use it in any video. But there are some musicians who create music and publish it to use free. Some just allow free usage for personal works while some don’t mind if you use commercially. These are the music you can use.

What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free music is the one that follows these:

  • Completely free to download and use.
  • No licenses to purchase.
  • You can use for commercial purpose.

That means Royalty-free music is the music we can use commercially in any kind of video. No one will question or ask for royalty. If you want free music for videos on YouTube, you need to find Royalty-Free Music. In this article, I will tell you the places where you can download free music for YouTube videos.

But Royalty-Free Music is not always free. Creators expect you to give credit for the music. I don’t see any problem in giving credit to the music creator in your video. It is also worth understanding that Royalty-Free music is not Copyright Free music. Creator of the music is still the Copyright owner and he is only giving you the right to use the music.

Download Royalty-Free MusicĀ for videos on YouTube

There are few YouTube channels that offer Royalty-Free Music to use on your videos. But there are lots of other places that host free music for you to try. If you are looking for music files to use in your videos and do not have money to buy or pay a royalty, you can look at these places.

  1. Free Stock Music
  2. Epidemic Sound
  3. TeknoAxe
  4. Machinima Sound
  5. Josh Woodward
  6. DanoSongs.com.
  7. FreeSoundtrackMusic.com
  8. Incompetech
  9. Musopen
  10. Beatpick
  11. Synkio
  12. CCMixter
  13. Mobygratis
  14. Bensound
  15. Jukedeck

Note: Few of these websites also host paid music files. So, be sure to add a filter for royalty-free music before downloading anything and also read the terms of use.

There are several YouTubers who always look for various kinds of audio files and use in your YouTube channel but avoid copyright strike at the same time. So, always take extra care and download audio files from the websites that allow you to use music files in commercial videos as well.

Few audio creators just need credit for their audio files. There should be no problem in giving links to their websites in videos description. If it is not possible, then paying a small amount is appreciable.

If you also know a good website to download royalty-free or creative commons music, let us know via comments.

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