15+ interesting ways to use Google Assistant

15+ interesting ways to use  Google Assistant

Google Assistant is now available all Android devices running Android 6.0 or higher and iPhone. Pixel and Pixel XL were two devices that came with Google Assistant and grabbed all the attention. Google Assistant is one of the most notable personal digital assistants. It offers lots of voice commands that allow you to perform most of the things in your smartphones.

Note: Google Assistant is now also available to iPhone. Read how to install Assistant on iPhone in any country.

In this article, I will be writing few Google Assistant tips and tricks for power users. If you do not want to read, you can watch the video that has the same content.

15+ Google Assistant tips and tricks

1. Daily Briefing

If you say Good morning or Google Afternoon to your Assistant, it starts your daily briefing. It will start by telling you the weather, traffic condition and then start telling you the daily news.

Google Assistant tricks

2. Set your Nickname and Google will call you by your nickname

You can set your nickname and Google Assistant will always call you the same. I told her to call me ‘Maverick’ and it always calls me Maverick. You can just say “Call me Maverick“ or anyname you like to suggest her.

Google Assistant tricks

3. Set relationship

Google Assistant can remember things for you. So, you can tell her about your relationships. You can tell her who is your father, mother, brother or girlfriend. And she will remember it. Later, you can just tell your relation and it will recall the contact name you told her.

I just said, ‘Remember Deepali as my sister’.

4. Sing Happy Birthday

On your birthday, she can sing a Happy Birthday song for you. You can just say “sing happy birthday for me”.

5. Control settings

Google Assistant can control most of the settings of your phone. You can ask her to turn on volume, reduce/increase brightness, open camera or even turn on the flashlight. It will instantly follow your commands.

You just say “turn on Bluetooth” and similar commands.

6. Schedule a meeting

Google Assistant can also set reminders and events for you. You can tell her to remember or schedule any meeting and it will set a reminder for you.

Just say “Remember a meeting with NAME, DAY at TIME “. Here replace the NAME, DAY and TIME.

7. Add alarm

Before going to sleep, you can ask her to add an alarm for a time and she will do the same. Just say “set an alarm date time”.

8. Get directions

Google Assistant can help you in getting directions. She will open the turn by turn navigation on Google Maps. Just say “Navigate me to PLACE”. Here replace the PLACE with the place name you want to go.

9. Send messages

Google Assistant can send messages. It cannot just use the default messaging app but it can also use WhatsApp or other messaging apps. Just say “Send a message to CONTACT_NAME”. Here replace the CONTACT_NAME to the name you want to send the message.

10. Time pass

If you are bored, you can do time pass with Assistant. You both can play games together. Assistant can also tell you the random joke or random facts.

11. Play a song

Google Assistant can also play a song for you. You can also suggest the app to use and it will open the same app to play the song.

You can say “Place SONG_NAME on APP_NAME”. Not all apps are supported but it works with YouTube, Google Play Music and Spotify.

12. Get Information about World’s events

Google Assistant also knows what is happening around the globe. So, you can also ask about any upcoming event and she will tell you the schedule.

You can just say “When it WWDC” and it will tell you the schedule of WWDC.

13. Real-time translation

Google Assistant can do the real-time translation for you. You can ask her to translate any sentence into any language and it will instantly do.

14. Flip a coin

If you want to flip a coin to make some decisions but you don’t have a coin, you can ask Google Assistant do flip a coin for you. She will flip a coin and will tell you the result.

15. Random numbers

You ask Google Assistant to tell you the random numbers between any given range.

16. calculators

Google Assistant uses the power of Google and can do complex calculations. You can ask her to compute any complex things.

Final Words

There are lots of other Google Assistant commands to perform many different things. You should start experimenting with the Assistant, and see how it works for you. You can also create your own voice command shortcuts. I will talk about this thing in the upcoming article.

If you know any interesting command, you should share it with us in commends.

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