20+ Websites For Royalty Free Images And Stock Photos


Images are very important for web designers. If you are a blogger or web designer, you need images for your next blog post or next web design. Images make the design attractive. If you are writing a blog post, images increase the readership. But getting right images is not easy. You cannot use any image available on the Internet. Sometimes, it may be illegal to use any image if image owner claims copyright. If a DMCA notice has been filed against your blog, your blog’s ranking will also be affected. So, you must always search for royalty free stock images which come with the creative common license. You can use these images on your blog without any problem. So, in this post, we are adding 20+ websites that provide royalty free images and stock photos for free. There are also many images for which you need to pay. But you will surely get the desired image for free.

Royalty Free Images And Stock Photos

What are royalty free images

Royalty free images are that type of images for which we will not have to pay any royalty if we use it in a permissible way. Royalty free images are available under non-transferable, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide and multiple-use sub-license. If we are following the usage guidelines, we are free to use those images.

Royalty free does not mean free. Sometimes, you also have to pay the license fee. After paying the fee, you can use the photo as many times you want. The cost will be based on the file size and number of times you want to use the image.

Stock Photos And Royalty Free Images Websites

These are few websites to download stock photos and royalty free images. These websites list the license type and permissible usage. Few of these websites also let you use the images without paying anything. Sometimes, the website lets you use the image without even giving the credit.


See this list of websites for stock photos and royalty free images.

  1. Fotolia
  2. FreeDigitalPhotos
  3. BigStockPhoto
  4. Jupiter Images
  5. iStockPhoto
  6. ShutterStock
  7. ThinkStockPhotos
  8. Animation Factory
  9. Big Foto
  10. Corbis
  11. Free Foto
  12. Free Images
  13. Free Range
  14. Image After
  15. Matton Images
  16. Open Photo
  17. Photo Spin
  18. Sierra Stock
  19. Stock.Xchng
  20. WallPaper Stock
  21. YoyoPhoto
  22. Pic App
  23. Canva

These are few websites which can help you in finding stock photos for your web design. If you know any other website that must be on the list, share with us via comment.


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