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Switching from Windows to Mac is not easy. If you were a Windows users for a long time, you will not find it easy to come on Mac due to the unavailability of good software. While most of the popular software are also available for Mac, you will still not enjoy as much variety as you can on Windows. If you are new to Mac, you may also find it hard to search for good software even if there are many into existence.

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When I switch to Mac from Windows, I was looking for a good free download Manager for Mac and it was bit hard for me. Windows users have a range of some great download managers like Internet Download Manager. I searched a lot and then found few good download managers for Mac. In this article, I am sharing best download managers for Mac.

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Why should one use Download Manger?

Yes, you can download any kind of file in your system without using a Download manager. So, why should one download and use a dedicated download manager? It is because a download manager helps in boosting your downloading experience and boost the download speed by splitting the file into multiple threads. Not just boosting, it also gives you ability to resume and prioritize downloads. In case you lose your Internet connection, you can resume the download from the same place it was paused.

So, you should start using a download manager to boost your downloading experience.


  1. Paid download managers
  2. Free download managers

1. Folx

Folx is a free Internet download manager for Mac. It comes with modern interface and retina display support. It helps you to download any file, torrent, and Youtube video. You have the option to tag the download, select the number of threads and schedule the download.

Folx : Download manager for Mac

You can also prioritize your downloads and control the speed of each individual download.

The best thing about Folx is that it comes with powerful integration with most of the browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. So, use any browser and it will manage your downloads automatically.

There is also a Pro version of the software priced at $19.95 only.

Download: Folx (Free Version) | Folx (Pro version, $19.95)

2. Leech

Leech is also a good download manager for Mac users to manage and maximize downloading speed. It also supports downloading from websites that need login to download. It also focuses on browsers integration to give you best experience.


It also allows you to pause and resume downloads without affecting the download file. It can be used to download any kind of files. This software is not free but you can use it for 25 times for free.

Download: Leech

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3. iGetter

The iGetter is another nice download manager to get the faster download. It also splits the file into multiple segments and offers you faster downloading. It also allows you to resume the broken downloads or pause/resume download manually.

Like Folx, this software also allows you to schedule downloads and control the download speed. You can also set the proxy or change the user agent.

Download: iGetter (Pro version, $25)

Best Free Download Managers for Mac

If you are looking for freely available download managers for Mac, you can check these two.

1. Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader also offers the same kind of features and works fine. It offers major browser integration, ability to schedule and resume downloads, limit download speeds and shut down your Mac automatically after the download. It has all the basic features you look for in a Download Manager software.

Download: Progressive Downloader (Free)

2. JDownloader 2

JDownloader 2 is an open source download manager available for the majority of platforms. It offers various features including resume broken downloads, set bandwidth limitation and schedule downloads. The only thing I hate in this software that it has the very bad interface.

Download: JDownloader 2 (Free)

Final Words

There are many more free and paid download managers available for Mac platform. I have listed both paid and free software to manage your downloads. you can try any of these

Which download manager do you use on your Mac? Let us know in the comment sections below.

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