3 Best Remote Desktop Extensions for Chrome

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Google Chrome is a popular web browser. Not just web browsing, there are so many other things you can do with this. There are hundreds of extensions that you can use to make it more than just a browser. In this post, I am adding few remote desktop extensions. These extensions make it possible for you to connect other systems remotely and control it from your Chrome browser.

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Remote Desktop Extensions are useful for people who are into technical support. You can also use it to help you friends and fix their computer problems remotely.

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These are three best remote desktop extensions for Google Chrome you can try.

Chrome Remote Desktop extension for Chrome

Chrome Remote Desktop is the easiest Chrome extension by Google. It makes it easy to connect to remote computers easily. It supports all major operating system including macOS and Linux.

After installing this Chrome extension, you can easily share your own computer with others or access their computer directly from your computer over the internet. This extension is provided by Google, so you can expect best experience and compatibility with this.


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2. Teamviewer Remote Desktop

Teamviewer Remote Desktop

Teamviewer is the key player of remote desktop software. It is the most popular remote desktop software available for most of the platforms. It also launched its Google Chrome extension to make it easier to access a remote computer or give access of your computer to any other person.

Just download this extension in your browser and it will give you the ability of remote desktop.


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3. Zoho Assist Free Remote

Best Remote Desktop Extensions for Chrome

Zoho Assist is another nice free Google Chrome extension that provides you the ability of remote desktop in your browser. Zoho is the popular business software development company.

This software adds a Chrome bar that requires your email. From this bar, you can get a link to share a session or join a session. It also guides you through all the steps. You can connect to remote desktop, view the remote screen, access and take control of remote keyboard and mouse.


Final Words

Remote desktop is a good thing for most of the people to have. It is because we all have a good friend who can technically help us and we all face technical problems with computers almost every week. With Remote desktop extensions, you can quickly help or take help to resolve system issues. Try these 3 best remote desktop extensions and let us know what is best for you.

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