3 Best Tools To Transform Image to ASCII Art


Sometimes we see some dotted black and white photos similar to the attached one. It is called ASCII ART. ASCII Art is the way of transforming an image into the collection of ASCII characters that looks like the B/W version of the original picture. It can also be said as text based visual art.

3 Best Tools To Transform Image to ASCII Art

There are many online services that allow users to input images and then see output image as a collection of ASCII characters.

3 Best Tools To Transform Image to ASCII Art


IMG2TXT is a nice online tool developed by It takes image URL and then outputs the image ASCII art.


ASCIIFI to convert image to ASCII

Asciifi is another nice tool that converts an image into an ASCII art. Either you can give URL or upload an image from your computer. It converts image and then shows a nice converted ASCII image.


3. ASCII-fy ME

ASCIFI-FY ME is also a nice tool to play with your image. Convert an image into a cool ASCII ART.

Ther are so many similar kinds of tools available to play with your images by converting into ASCII ART. If you any similar kind of tool, do not forget to share it with us.


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