3 Free Extensions to Play Sudoku on Chrome


Sudoku is a puzzle game in which player has to place numbers inside a 9×9 grid. Each row, each column and each of nine 3×3 sub grids much contain 1-9 numbers. Every Sudoku puzzle has a unique solution. Few years back, this game was played on paper. Now, there are many computer games are available that lets you play Sudoku by using mouse. In this post, we are listing 3 free Sudoku extensions for chrome.
3 Free Extensions to Play Sudoku on Chrome

3 Free Extensions to Play Sudoku on Chrome

1. Online Sudoku Variation

Online Sudoku Variation is a free Sudoku extension for chrome that lets you play Sudoku on your chrome browser. This extension provides many Sudoku variations including Classic Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, Sudoku 16×16, Irregular Sudoku, Diagonal Sudoku, Chain Sudoku, Standard Sudoku, and many more. You can also invite other people on the game to play simultaneously. You can invite your friends via emails or Facebook. In this, up to 4 personal can play simultaneously. These extensions offer classical Sudoku and other variations of Sudoku as well.

Online Sudoku Variation

2. ATP Sudoku

ATP Sudoku is another nice Chrome extension for playing Sudoku online. It lets you play only 9×9 square Sudoku. It offers various difficulty levels like Easy, Intermediate, expert and random difficulty. When you want to play new game, just click on “New Game” button. After installation, it adds an icon at Omnibar. Whenever you want to play Sudoku, just hit this icon and Sudoku will pop.
ATP Sudoku

3. Sudoku Puzzle and Games

Sudoku Puzzle and Games is also a nice extension that comes with Sudoku puzzle. But it is not a dedicated Sudoku extension. It comes with many other crossword puzzles. Still, you can enjoy 14 Sudoku variations like Calcudoku, Chain Sudoku, Classic Sudoku Index, Futoshiki, Online Diagonal Sudoku, Sudoku Varients, and many more.




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