3 Best Free Video Editors For Windows

Best Free Video Editors


Nowadays YouTube is also a part of our life. We all want to upload our videos to YouTube to get more and more views and shares. Sometimes we also want to create money by video lectures. YouTube also has a video monetization program to earn money. But our videos get success only when we create the quality video. For this, we need video editors software. There are so many good video editor softwares available but most of those softwares are paid. But some free software also available.

In this post, I am listing few freely available video editing software for Windows operating system. These video editing software are available for free. By using these softwares you can create and edit your videos for professional work. These videos can also be used to edit videos to upload on YouTube.

 Free Video Editors For Windows

1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie maker is a nice video editor software that is used to edit video and add effects to those videos. There are so many effects to add in the videos. You can also create videos of the collection of photos by adding video and sound effects.

Most important thing about this tool is that it is available for free and comes by default in Windows. In Windows 7, if you are not able to see Movie Maker, you can download it for free from Microsoft’s official website.

Windows Movie Maker video editing software for Windows

2. Lightworks NLE

Lightworks NLE is also a free video editors that specially designed for editors. It has so many nice features. Everything can be done by drag and drop. Everything is really simple and easy with this tool. Change clip speed, control clip and track volume levels, add effects and transitions in real-time – all in an uncluttered and flexible timeline. All these features come for free.


Lightworks NLE video editing software for Windows

It is one of the best video editor software available for Windows Systems. Read more about the features of the Lightworks NLE. Download

3. VirtualDub

virtualdub video editing software for Windows

If you are only looking for a simple video editor software, use VirtualDub. It allows users to merge videos, add subtitles, compress and save it in different video formats. To make operations faster, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Download here.

These are best three video editing tools. There are many other free and paid tools are available. If you can pay, you should also try paid tools. Paid tools work better and offer good video editing work.

If you know some other tool that must be listed here, share us via comments.



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