3 Browsers for Android With Integrated Ad blocker

Adblock Browser

Ad blockers are now becoming more popular and giving nightmare to publishers. Users do not want to see irritating ads while browsing the web. So, they look for good ad blockers. After Apple introduced the ads blocking feature in Safari, Android also got ad blocking browsers for the ad-free experience.

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Ad blockers not just block irritating ads, but also improves the browsing experience. Without ads, web pages load 50% faster. Android users have few good ad blocking web browsers. So, you do not need to install any third-party ad-blocking software to have ads free web browsing. These browsers have inbuilt ad-blockers. So, you will get ad-free web experience on your phone.

For desktop, we have several options. Opera also has a built-in ad blocker, Chrome and more will follow soon. But you have options to install the extension in Chrome to block ads. Chrome and Opera both does not support ad blocking on the mobile platforms. But, there are few browsers that have the option for the ads-free experience.

Note: All ad blockers have the option to whitelist websites from ad blocking list. I recommend you to white list Use This Tip and other websites that offer valuable content and display limited ads without affecting your browsing experience. Ads is the only way we earn, pay bills and keep running.

Here are 3 best web browsers for Android with the integrated Ad blocker.

Browsers for Android With Integrated Ad blocker

1. Adblock Browser

Adblock Browser

If you want to enjoy the ads-free experience on your Android phone, download the Adblock Browser. It blocks ads by default and you will see only “acceptable” ads. You still have the option to block all ads including the Acceptable one from settings. By blocking ads, it claims to improve web browsing, save battery and save mobile data.


2. Brave Browse

Brave Browse

Brave Browse is designed to offer ads-free web browsing. It has built-in adblocker. You do not need any external plugin. It blocks all ads and offers data optimization. It also claims to offer battery optimization. It also offers Https Everywhere, Script blocking and Tracking Protection.


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3. Firefox with ad block add-ons

Firefox with ad block plugins

Firefox for Android is a good browser. It also third party ad blocking add-ons just like Firefox for desktop does. It does not have default ad blocking options, but you can download and install any good ad blocking add-on to get the ad-blocking option. Most popular Adblock Plus is also available for Firefox. If you install that add-on, you will see acceptable ads until you also disable those.


Final Words

These are three good web browsers that support Ad blockers. Chrome is also expected to get ad blocking soon. Samsung browser now also supports ad blocking. The best ad blocking browser is the ADBLOCK BROWSER. If you already use Firefox, then you can use ad blocker add-ons to block ads.

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