3 Websites to Create Favicon for your Website

Favicon icon is the small logo icon of your website that appears on the browsers address bar. It is also known as shortcut icon, website icon or bookmark icon. It comes in different sizes including 16X16, 24X24 and 32X32 pixels. See the snapshot of Wikipedia favicon below.

5 Websites to create Favicon for your Website

If you also own a website, adding a favicon will help you in branding of your website. You can create favicon icon in photoshop or other photo editing tools. If you are not sure how to do it, you can use available online tools. There are few online tools that any one can use to create a favicon. In this post, I am listing 3 online favicon creator tools.

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3 Websites to create Favicon for your Website


3 Websites to create Favicon for your Website
Favicon.cc is is the most popular website for creating favicon. You can import your logo or any other image to create favicon from scratch. In case you want any animation, you can add it. After finishing your favicon, you can publish it.

Favicon Generator

3 Websites to create Favicon for your Website
Favicon Generator is another nice too for crating favicon icon. Visit the tool, browse the image and click on Create Favicon. It also has an editor that is similar to paint. You can use this editor to manually create a favicon icon. This tool also has a gallery from where you can browse any available favicon to use in your website.

Favicon Generator and Gallery

3 Websites to create Favicon for your Website3 Websites to create Favicon for your Website
It is also a similar kind of tool. Just upload any image from your system, select the size of favicon and then click on Generate Favicon button. It also has a Favicon gallery that you can use to select available favicon.
These are three popular favicon generator websites. You can also get more by Google. But I am sure, you will get desired favicon icon for your website with these tools.
Use these tools and share your experience with us via comments.

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