3 Websites To Create Free Android Apps of your Own

3 Websites To Create Free Android Apps of your Own
Android is the most popular mobile operating system which shares 70% of mobile market share. So developers are also taking interest in developing apps for Android operating system. According to latest data by Google, Android app store has more than 700,000 apps and most of those apps are free to use. 
If you are interested in Android or Android apps development, you can also have your own Android app. If you are a blogger or website owner, it will be nice to have a personalize Android app for your blog and allow visitors to install this app on their smartphone to get latest update from your blog.

Here are 5 websites which allow users to create their own Android apps for free in just few minutes without any kind of coding.

3 Websites To Create Free Android Apps of your Blog

1. Andromo

Andromo is a popular website that allow users to create a professional Android app for free. You do not need to know any kind of coding for using this app. It comes with so many build in features which you can directly use in your apps. Your app will be ready in just few minutes with the help of few mouse clicks only. You will also be able to earn extra cash with advertising revenue. This free app maker service helps in promoting and selling advertisements.

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2. Free Android App Maker

Free Android App Maker is  nice online service that helps in developing an Android app and then submit it to app store for free. And all these works are done within few minutes. It is simple and easy to use. Just select the template and add content to the app. You can easily customize the app with the help of given tools.

3. App Yet

App Yet is a nice app for bloggers who want to have their own Android app for the blog. This app helps in converting your blog’s rss feeds into a dedicated Android app. You can also earn money with the help of your App. There are some sample apps also available to get a trial of the service.
I personally used this app and it did not take more than 1 minute to create the app for my blog. It only needs an icon along with the RSS feed url. Some personalization options are also available that will not take more than 1 minutes.

Will you use these app created website? if yes then do no forget to share your experience with use.

If you think i should add some more websites in the list, you can share the name of those websites via comments or with various social media accounts of UseThisTip.

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