5 Best Google Chrome Offline Games


5 Best Google Chrome Offline Games

Google Chrome is the most popular web browsers that gives more than you can expect from a browser. It is lighter, faster and more secure. It also support extensions and apps for more productivity. You can also enjoy various games direct on the browser. Google Chrome web store has various online and offline games that you can install and enjoy in Chrome. In this post, I am listing 5 best games that you can enjoy on browsers. All these games support offline playing. So, you can enjoy these games without having active Internet connection. But you need to have Internet to download games. 😛

5 Best Google Chrome Offline Games

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Chrome

Most popular mobile game of history, Angry Birds is also available for Google Chrome. You can download Angry Birds on your Chrome browser and enjoy it offline. It comes with 400 unique levels to play. You can also play the game in fullscreen. As you play the game, you will unlock more levels.

Add Angry Birds in Google Chrome

Offline Solitaire

Offline Solitaire chrome

Windows users already know about this game. Solitarie is a popular games that comes with Windows from its early ages. It is also available as an offline game for Google Chrome.


Add Offline Solitaire to Google Chrome

Fishing Joy

Fishing Joy chrome

Fishing Joy is another popular mobile game that is available to Google Chrome. It comes with nice graphics, music and sound effects. In this game, you’ll be able to have a deep-ocean experience catching magnificent species of fish and creatures the eco-friendly way.

Add Fishing Joy to Google Chrome

Mobialia Chess 3D

Mobialia Chess 3D Chrome

Do you love Chess Game? Mobialia Chess 3D is for you. Install it in your browser and enjoy it offline. You can move by dragging and dropping piece on the board. You can also select preferences according to you.

Add Mobialia Chess 3D to Chrome

Games Pack

Games pack chrome

Games Pack is the collection of more than 10 games. You can enjoy all these games without Internet connection. These games are Formula Driver, Apple Shooter, Bubble Shooter, Chess Game, Papper Cannon XP, Learn to Fly, Mario World, Tetris, Isoball 3, Sports Head Football, Billiard, Doom and Sami’s Nail Studio.

Add Games Pack to Google Chrome


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