5 Best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress


Images are the major factor which affects the website’s speed. So, optimizing images can help your WordPress website loads faster. It also helps in SEO of the website. You should always try to optimize your website to have pagespeed score more than 90. And image optimization helps in this a lot. If you upload image on your WordPress website, try to resize and optimize it. Because uploading image of very high resolution does not have any sense. But optimizing image every time before uploading on post make process typical. So, there are few WordPress plugins which helps in optimizing images. These plugins automatically compress images and optimize as soon as you upload and add on the post. In this post, we are listing 5 best image optimization plugins which you can use to compress and optimize images.

Best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress

1. reSmush.it

reSmush.it: WordPress image compression plugin

reSmush.it is the best WordPress image compression plugin you can try on your blog. This plugin allows you to automatically optimize images at the time of uploading on your blog. It also offers a bulk optimization option for older images.

This plugin makes use of reSmush API to optimize images. The downside of this plugin is that it limits the optimization to uploads lower than 5MB in size. It also doesn’t have different compression levels.

The plugin allows you to exclude individual images from compression in case you want the original image to be included in your blog post.

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2. Wp Smush.it

Wp Smush.it image optimzation

This is one of the best image optimization WordPress plugin available. It uses Yahoo’s image optimization service smush.in to optimize images in a lossless way. This plugin stips metadata from JPEG, optimize compress and strip un-used colors from images. I personally use this plugin on my blogs. It automatically runs images through smush.in once you upload on a post. It also offers a bulk-optimization feature to optimize all existing images of your WordPress website.

The plugin is free and you can compress images up to 5MB in size forever with no daily, monthly or annual caps. It also has Gutenberg Block Integration to check all Smush stats directly in image blocks. It can Optimize up to 50 images with one click and uses Lossless Compression to reduce size of an image without affecting image quality.

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3. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is another nice WordPress plugin which automatically optimizes your images as you upload it in your WordPress site. It also has a bulk image optimization feature. So, you can easily optimize previously uploaded images. This image optimization plugin can also convert your images to other file sizes to produce the smallest image size.

This free plugin uses intelligent conversion to get the right image format for the job. The most important thing about this plugin is that there are no speed limits and you can compress images of any file size. It works in the background and uses Parallel Optimization for compressing your older images.

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3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is another good WordPress image compression plugin. The plugin asks you to get an API key by providing your email address. The free usage of the plugin just allows you to compress up to 100 images a month. This limit is good enough for most of the bloggers. If you want to increase this limit, you need to upgrade to paid plans.

The image compresses images and stores your original images in a separate folder. You can also compare the original and compress images to see how much quality difference it made.

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4. Compress JPEG & PNG images

Compress JPEG & PNG images

Compress JPEG & PNG images is another useful plugin developed by team behind TinyPNG. This plugin requires you to have an account. The free account allows you to optimise up to 100 images a month. If you need more, you can pay to get premium account.

You are free to choose which image sizes you want to optimize. It also automatically optimizes new images on upload You can also set the maximum size for your original uploads if you want. Images larger than that size will be resized by the plugin. You can also choose to preserve copyright metadata, date and GPS data if you want.

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5. Imsanity

Imsanity wordpress plugin

Imsanity automatically resize images as you upload. You can also configure maximum width, height and quality of the optimized image. It also has bulk-resize feature to resize already upload images to free up disk space. It also gives an option to convert BMP files to JPG so that images can be scaled. If your blog does not require high resolution images, you can try this.

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Image affects load time a lot and you should never ignore it. Always try to use any of these image optimization plugins. You can also download a good image optimization software and upload images after optimizing it. That gives the best result and it works better than using the plugin.

It depends on you. You can try anything depending on your choice. If you have anything to suggest, do not forget to leave the comment.


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