5 Best Websites to Learn jQuery Online

Now days, jQuery is the most important part of web design. It is a flexible JavaScript library that has added lots of things for web developers. We can do lot more things with itand can make website user friendly. This is why, every web developer want to be the master in jQuery. This library was released back in January 2006 by John Resig as an Open Source library. And now, most of the websites use the power of JQuery in building complex websites.

7 Best Websites to Learn jQuery

It also lets developers create plugins based on the library. You can easily integrate it into any framework, CMS or design. 

If you are thinking to learn jQuery, but confused how to start, we are listing 5 best websites for you. These 5 websites are the big resources of jQuery Tutorials. So can easily learn jQuery by following the tutorials of any of these websites

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5 Best Websites to Learn jQuery

1. W3Schools

W3Schools is the biggest resource of web development and web design tutorials. It has jQuery tutorials start from beginning to advance level. It also has a section to practice your code and see how things actually work. You can also learn HTML, PHP, ASP and other web programming language. So, start learning web programing

2. Learning jQuery

Learning jQuery is another popular website for learning jQuery online. This nice website is dedicated to jQuery tutorials, plugins and code examples. You will surely learn many new things here.

3. jQuery for Designers

jQuery for Designers is another big resource of jQuery tutorials. If you are into jQuery learning, you cannot ignore this website. This website is a big resource of all kind of jQuery tutorials and code examples. It has categorized tutorials on difficulty level to make learning easier.

4. jQuery4U

jQuery4U is one of my favorite web design tutorial blog. It is purely dedicated to the jQuery tutorials and plugins. You will find so many nice plugins here which are hard to find on other blogs. This blog regularly post new plugins and most of those come for free.

5. jQuery Fundamentals

jQuery Fundamentals is another popular jQuery resource. You will find step wise step tutorials here. It also has a section to try examples like we have in W3schools.
There are many other blogs dedicated to web design and jQuery tutorials. You can search in Google and find them. If you know other good blogs or websites related to jQuery, share it with us via comments.

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