5 Free Online Notepad Websites


We use notepad in our system to type and save text files. Notepad comes by default on Windows, but what if you are using some other operating system and do not know where to find the text editor there. There may also be few other reasons for which you need quickly available alternate of Notepad.

Do you know that there are few online tools which offer same features? In this post, we are listing 5 best online Notepad alternate. All these websites are free and you can use it without signup. Just open and start typing your note. Check these 5 free online notepad editor websites.

5 Free Online Notepad Websites

Below is the list of best and free online notepad websites that you can try to make notes:

1. Rapidtables Notepad:

Rapidtables Notepad:

Rapidtables Notepad is a simple online tool with a big text area. You can simply start your writing in the area provided. It also offers features like cut, copy, paste, undo, redo and select all. To increase or decrease font-size, you can use its zoom in or Zoom out features. When you are done, you can save the file and file will be downloaded to your system. All these features make the Rapidtables notepad, a best online notepad.

2. Shrib


Shrib is another online free note taking app which offers few other options other than just typing. You can share your notes, change fonts and even add a password to the note.  To use all these options, click on ‘more’ link at the top right side of the page. It also offers an option to download your note.


3. aNotepad

Online Notepad

aNotepad is also a nice tool where you can type notes online without creating any account. But you can register to make your notes private. This tool comes with lots of features. You have the option to download your notes in different file formats. You can also share your note on social media. It also allows you to make note password protected. You can create To-Do lists, save notes and then access anytime.

4. is the simplest website for typing notes online. It only offers to share feature. There is no additional feature in the app. So, it is one of the simplest online notepad websites just to write notes. If you were looking for a free online notepad editor, you can try this website for taking notes online.

5. Yanobs Online Notepad

Yanobs Online Notepad
Yanobs Online Notepad is also a simple but good notepad-like text editor. You can save or print your notes directly from the website. It is 100% free but you need to create an account to start using it. You can add text and also add attachments.

Final Words

There could be more free online notepad editor tools if you try searching for similar websites. But there is no point of finding lots of tools when we have curated simple but good online notepad websites. These are the five simple but useful online notepad editor tools. If you need notepad alternate quickly anytime and have the internet connection, just open any of these websites. You must try these and let us know what tool do you like most?


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