5 Simple and Good WordPress Pagination Plugins

WordPress Pagination Plugins

Almost all WordPress themes come with Pagination option. The issue is when the theme contains default WordPress pagination. It just adds two links in the name of paginations. These are Next Posts and Previous Posts. This default pagination allows access to previous and next posts. But what if you want to show paging number in a beautiful way to give users access to pagination in a better way.

You can use the default pagination if your blog has limited number of posts. But this becomes a pain if posts are too many. If you are looking for a good pagination solution, this post is for you. In this article, I am listing 5 simple and good WordPress pagination plugins. These paginations not just provide easy access to your content but also helps in SEO of your site by offering more links to your older content.

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WordPress Pagination Plugins

There are lots of WordPress pagination plugins available in WordPress Plugins repository. I tried my best to bring good but simple plugins that I have tested. Let’s have a look on the list.

1. WP-PageNavi

WP-PageNavi Pagination Plugin

WP-PageNavi is the best WordPress pagination plugin with over 1 million downloads. The download number suggests how popular this plugin is. It replaces your default pagination with an advanced numbered pagination.

This plugin also offers you option to customize the text to be shown on the links. It also offers options for styling.

If you know how to code, you can even customize the design of pagination with custom CSS code to match your blog’s theme.

If your theme doesn’t support wp_pagenavi(), you will have to replace the existing navigation code with wp_pagenavi().

Download WP-PageNavi

2. WP-Paginate

WP-Paginate Plugins

WP-Paginate is another popular pagination plugin for WordPress. Once installed on your website, it adds an options panel in Settings. From this options panel, you can change the label, location of navigation links and appearance. You have options to customize Page Range and Page Gap like things.

It comes with different kind of buttons templates to choose from. You can also add custom CSS to customize any template you are using.

Download WP-Paginate

3. Pagination by BestWebSoft

Pagination by BestWebSoft

Pagination by BestWebSoft is also a good plugin to try if you are looking to add a pagination navigation in your blog. This free plugin also adds an Options panel in the ‘Settings’ tab.

From the options panel, you can set the text for buttons, location of pagination and more. This plugin works fine with most of the themes.

It also offers a Pro version of the plugin that allows you to add the Infinite scroll. If you are interested in that, you should also check the last Pagination plugin of the list.

Download Pagination by BestWebSoft

4. TW Pagination

TW Pagination

TW Pagination is a simple but nice navigation plugin. It also allows you add better pagination on your WordPress blog. It improves user experience and also helps in boosting SEO by providing more internal links to content.

This plugin also adds an options panel. It can be found Settings -> TW Pagination. You can configure the pagination label along with signs for previous and next pages. You can also add custom CSS to customize. If you are not impressed with the other plugins in the list, you can try it.

Download TW Paginations

5. Animated Infinite Scroll

Animated Infinite Scroll

Nowadays, several big websites have started using the Infinite scroll. If your blog’s theme does not support Infinite Scroll, you can use Animated Infinite Scroll plugin. It replaces the current navigation options with the Infinite scroll.

Not just this, this plugin also supports AJAX pagination and the numbered pagination. So, you are free to try any of the available pagination options.

This is a paid plugin, but the features of this plugin make it worthy of its price. If you are ready to pay, you should try this awesome plugin.

Buy Animated Infinite Scroll

Final Words

Pagination is an important part of blog. So, you should not ignore this. If your WordPress theme is not offering good navigation option, you must try to improve it. If you know how to code, you are free to use the code. If you want a good plugin, you have already saw good navigation plugins WordPress.

If you have any question or suggestions, you can put it in the comments. Do let me know your views on this matter.

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