5 Tips To Get Google Adsense Account Approval

5 Tips To Get Google Adsense Account Approval
Google Adsense is the main income source and trusted ad network for bloggers and webmaster. There are so many reasons behind the popularity of Google Adsense. So most of the bloggers and webmasters want to monetize their website with Google Adsense. There are many other popular ad networks also run but no one can stand in front of Adsense. If any one think of earning money online with blog, he always prefer Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a PPC (Pay per Click) Ad network which pays for clicks on the ads. The more organic traffic your website have, the more income you will get. So, Google Adsense is necessary for earning income online. But it is not easy to get approval for Google Adsense. If you are new blogger or webmaster, you will find it difficult to get approval for Google Adsense.

Why is Google Adsense Best and Most Popular?

Google Adsense is best ad network because of its policy and transparency. It always try to maximize the revenue of its publisher and give monthly tips to all publishers. The best thing about Google Adsense is that it pays in time. It is easy to setup and you do not need to wait for approval of your other website. If you start your other website, you can use the same AdSense account on the website if it meets Adsense quality guidelines.
But nothing is impossible. You can quickly get Google Adsense for your new website if you follow these quick tips

Quick Tips To Get Google Adsense Account Approval

  1. Buy a TLD (Top Level Domain) for your blog. Most of the time, Google approves those accounts which are associated with at least one TOP Level domain. But this is not a restricted rule. You may get Adsense approval with blogger subdomain. No other subdomains are accepted. The name of domain name owner must be same as the name of Adsense account owner.
  2. Create a website with good quality content. It must be complete with no coming soon pages. If it is a blog, it must has at least 30 quality posts.
  3. In countries like India and Pakistan, Google only approves website having at least 6 months age on The Internet. But you may get approval if your website has enough and good quality content.
  4. The website must have good design with easy navigation and search box. Content must be visible and easy to find on the website. If you are using too much other low-quality ads on the website, you will never get approval. Have perfect ads to content ratio.
  5. The most important thing about Google Adsense is that it never approves a website with Porn and Hacking content. You may get approval but it will ban you soon. So avoid porn and hacking content on your website if you want to earn with Adsense.
If you follow these 5 tips for your new website, you will surely get Adsense approval. It is not always easy to get Google Adsense account approval in the first time. So you will have to try again in few days. There is always a valid reason why AdSense team has not approved your website. So you must take care of all those things.
For more help, follow the Google Adsense help pageIf you think you can join Google Adsense, go to Google Adsense page and apply for a new account.

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