5 Tips to Make Your Mobile Transaction Secure

Mobile transactions

Mobile devices and smartphones are now used much more than before. Students and business persons prefer tablets and smartphones for their most of the works. Now banking and shopping have also moved to mobile phones. So, we can shop things and pay directly from mobile phone. Money transfer is also just few tap away. But cyber crimes are also growing with the same speed. There are have been numbers of cases where cyber criminals hacked mobile phones or credit cards to get unauthorized access to bank accounts. In few cases, users become a fool and pay to fake websites.Mobile devices are always less secure than the computer system. Although devices maker and software vendors always try to improve security, hackers always try to find their way. Sometimes a small software bug can ruin us.

But there are few security tips which we must follow in order to make our mobile payments secure.

1. Protect Your Mobile With Security Apps

Hackers always try to hack systems and mobile devices. So you must protect your device with antivirus app. These apps help you to keep your smartphone or tablet safe from malicious apps. Malicious apps always try to hack your phone and steal sensitive information from your device. Almost all popular antivirus vendors now have their security apps for mobile devices. If your mobile device is infected, it is possible that your banking passwords are no safer.

2. Download apps from Original stores and Trustworthy  websites

This is the most important thing which must care while using the smartphone or tablet. you must always try to use the original apps stores. If you have Android device, go to Google Play store and go for Apple store if you have iOS device.
Third party stores always poisoned by attackers where they host fake apps with malware. Sometimes the fake app looks very similar to the original app. So avoid third party app stores as much as you can. It is possible that there is a fake eBay app in a fake third party app store.

3. Check App Reviews and Ratings

Although, original app stores are safer than third party stores. But we can say that all apps in the original app store are safe. There are many cases when researchers have found malicious apps in Google Play Store. So always check the app rating, reviews, and company of the app. These details will help you to know much about the app.

If these data are not sufficient or ambiguous avoid the app and go for any other. Avoid downloading unknown apps for purchase. Always go for trusted vendors like Amazon, Etsy, Wallmart, paypal and other which you like.

4. Always Check HTTPS URL in Mobile websites

Some websites do not have dedicated apps for mobile devices. So we need to access these website in the browser. So, Be sure to check for HTTPS connection in these website. If a website is using transaction feature, it must have HTTPS connection to protect users data. It is risky to use transaction over simple HTTP connection.So before clicking on Pay Button on the shopping cart, always check for the HTTPS connection. If you are not sure, wait a while and use only in desktop.

So before clicking on Pay Button on the shopping cart, always check for the HTTPS connection. If you are not sure, wait a while and use only in desktop.

5. Avoid Transaction on Public Network

If you are using a public Wi-FI network, You must not do any kind of purchase or transaction. Public Internet wi-fi connections are always vulnerable to Man In the Middle attack. You can do transactions on your personal Wifi connection or 3G.

I know it is hard to remember all this, but it is not impossible. You only need to take care in start and then it will become your habit. We cannot compromise with the money and security of our credit cards, bank accounts. So we must follow security tips.

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