5 Ways To Do Keyword Research Effectively

Ways to do Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the oldest but most important steps while performing SEO for a web page. Keyword research gives you the most solid insight into the trends and demands of a product or keyword. This is most important to target the right keyword that people are actually searching on Google or other search engines. If you do it properly, you can increase your organic traffic.

Keyword research helps you in learning what potential keywords you should use to optimize your content. You can also get the set of keywords to use along with the primary keyword for better optimization. So, keyword research is a must-follow step before writing an article.

Initially, people had only Google’s Keyword planner as the only way to research the keyword and find the keywords with high volume and less competition. But with the recent changes in Internet space, we now have more keyword research tools and more ways to get the better idea of keywords.

Ways to do effective Keyword Research

In this article, I am going to add a few ways to do effective Keyword Research with modern ways.

1. Twitter, Google, and Reddit trends

Nowadays trending topics contribute a lot to web traffic. Twitter, Reddit, Flipboard, and StumbleUpon are a few social media websites that can be a potential source of traffic. So, Twitter trending topics, Google trends, and Reddit trends are the few sources to know what people are searching and what people are looking for on the Internet. All these trend tools allow you to filter the trending tools to know what topics are popular in a specific location.

You should also understand the importance of time in this. You can never be sure for how long an article will be trending on social media. So, you should try to write the blog post as soon as possible to get the early traffic. But in the hurry, do not ignore the quality of content. If they love your content, they will surely be back again and again to see your new articles.

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2. Q&A sites

You should also take a look at the Q&A sites like Yahoo Questions and Quora to find long tail question keywords and ideas for how to articles. You can easily find what topics are trending and what are the most popular queries. You can write articles on those queries with the best possible solution. After writing the article, you can also answer those questions with a link back to your article. You will not only get referral traffic but also get a considerable amount of organic traffic from different search engines.

3. Use Semrush or Ahrefs tools to grab the competitor’s keywords

Semrush or Ahrefs are two powerful tools to get Semrush or Ahrefs. You can easily find the keywords they are ranking and different things for that keyword. The best thing is that these keyword research tools allow you to sort and filter the keywords. So, you can easily find what are less competitive but beneficial keywords. In this way, you can easily outrank your competitor if you plan properly.

Pick a few of those keywords and make a strategy accordingly. Write a better in-depth article and share it on social media. Create backlinks for the article and follow a proper interlinking strategy.

If you cannot afford the paid tools, you can try Page Comparison. It is a free and easy tool that allows you to compare two or more pages. It is a great on-page analyzer. You can compare your competitor’s page with your page and see analyze the difference. If you have not yet written the article but looking for keywords for your upcoming article, you can just search for a few possible keywords and then use this tool with top 2 ranked websites. It will help you in getting a few potential keywords.

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4. Research related search terms

When we search for a keyword on Google, Google also shows the related search queries. This also helps a lot. These keywords can give you the idea of other keywords you can consider for your blog post.

If you are thinking to write a post on “WordPress themes for food blog”, you will get this kind of keyword suggestions.

Keyword research

Now select all these keywords and check the monthly searches. If monthly searches are considerable, you can use these keywords in the blog post.

5. Understand the Long Tail of Keyword Demand

The long Tail keyword is not something new in SEO, but people still ignore the power of it. Even if a single Long Tail does not bring too much traffic, multiple keywords can give you a lot more. The best thing about Long Tail keywords is that you can easily rank on these due to less competition.

If you get success in ranking on 10 Long tail keywords with 5000 searches per month, these are actually driving 50,000 monthly traffic. The more number of long-tail keywords you target, the better traffic you can get.

So, focus more on long-tail keywords because you can get a better rank with fewer efforts as compared to efforts needed in ranking on primary keywords with high competition.

HitTail and Long Tail Pro are the two most popular long-tail keyword research tools. You can use any of these depending on your choice and budget.

Final Words

Keyword research is the most important but one of the most challenging aspects of SEO. If you are not doing it properly, you will never get success. If you are not using proper keywords, you are losing your business every single second and your marketing campaign will also fail. So, you should never ignore.

Use the above-given methods and take decisions based on data, not on perception. If you have anything to share with us, you can always comment below.


Deepanker Verma is the founder of Techlomedia. He is a tech blogger, developer and gadget freak.

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