5 Websites for Making Fake Calls – Caller ID Spoofing


Have you ever think of making fake calls from a number you didn’t know or from your friend’s phone number without touching his phone? You can make fake calls from any random number by using Caller ID spoofing. If you are interested in making fake calls, this article is for you.

Caller ID Spoofing is the process of faking your identity while making a call. It means you can show your desired phone number the call receiver’s screen. In this way, you will be able to hide your identity behind the identity of someone else. Read about Caller ID spoofing and learn how it works. There are many websites available which offer free service to make fake calls. With these websites, you can make calls to anyone from anyone and can do phone spoofing. In this post, we are listing 5 websites for making fake calls or free prank calls. You can use any of these websites for caller ID spoofing. There may be a possibility that the website is blocked in your country.

Warning: Use these websites only for educational purpose. These websites collect logs. If you use it for any illegal work, we will not be responsible for any criminal charge you face.

5 Websites for Making Fake Calls or Spoof Calls

These are 5 spoofed call service.  You can use any of these call spoofer services for making fake phone calls. Check the list.


CrazyCall is the most popular website used for call spoofing. Few countries have also blocked the website because of its use in many crimes. This website lets users make calls from any number they want. So, you can make prank calls with this. It also lets users change the voice to be anonymous while calling. Therefore, this is one of the best prank call website.


2. SpoofCard

SpoofCard is also a nice service that lets users call from any number. You can call your friends from his number. It also lets you make group calls. For using the service, you need to have credits in your account. You can make demo calls for free, but you need to buy credits for more calls.

3. Spooftel

Spooftel is also a similar kind of caller id spoofing service. Purchase credits and make prank calls. You can also make demo calls to see how the service works. It also has the option to change the pitch of your voice. It also has the option to send messages.

4. BluffmyCall

BluffMyCall is another nice call spoofing web service with lots of features. It lets users change caller id, record calls, change voice and leave voice messages. After using your free minutes, you can purchase your minutes.

5. CallerIDFaker

CallerIDFaker comes with better offers. You can get unlimited calling for the whole month only for $29.95. Like other services, it also lets users change voice and record calls.

Please use these spoofing websites or prank call sites only for playing pranks with friends. You can easily get caught if you use it for illegal work. All these websites keep log and details of you. You can be easily traced by cops. So, avoid using these caller id spoofing websites for any crime.

How to make fake calls to others with fake numbers

You can use any of these websites to start calling with a fake number. Just visit the website, enter the fake number you want to show, enter the number where you want to call and make calls.

Mobile apps for fake calling

There are also few caller id changer apps to make fake calls. If you are comfortable with installing an app, you can try downloading the fake caller id app on your phone.

Caller Id Changer for iPhone

Caller Id Changer for Android

Final Words

It is easy to make calls. So, next time if someone tries to trick by pretending to be a hacker and shows this trick, you know what exactly he is doing.

What do you think about these spoofed call service? Share your thoughts with us via comments.


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