5 Websites to send Anonymous or Fake SMS


In past, I wrote a post about making fake calls from any number to anyone. That was really loved. A few days back, one of the readers asked me to post about websites to send fake SMS from any number. So, I decided to write this post. There are many websites which let users send anonymous or fake SMS.

Fake or Anonymous SMS is a kind of SMS in which you can decide what number to show as the sender. So for example, if I know your mobile number, I can send someone an SMS from your number. And he will think that you sent that SMS. Most of the fake SMS sender websites let you buy SMS credits. But all these websites offer free credit initially.

So, you can send at least 1 SMS for free. Few websites allow more free SMS. Also read 5 Websites for Making Fake Calls – Caller ID SpoofingIn this post, I am listing few websites for sending fake SMS.

Note: Before you read more, I want to make it clear that all these websites keep the log of your IP address and can expose your real identity. So, do not use these websites for the illegal purpose.


5 Websites to send Anonymous or Fake SMS

These are 5 websites which allow you to send fake or anonymous SMS.

1. SendAnonymousSms is one of the most popular fake SMS sending website. The interface of the website is easy to use. Just visit the website, enter the sender’s number which you want to show as the sender. Then enter the country of the receiver. Enter the number whom to send. The write your message, fill captcha and send. In few minutes, your SMS will be sent to the number you selected.

2. Anonymous SMS from Sharpmail

Anonymous SMS from sharpmail is another fake SMS sending website but it asks for registration. After registration, you will be able to send the SMS to any person from any number.

3. FakeMSG

Fakemsg is another website which lets you send fake SMS. You can decide from number and to number to send a message. This website asks you to first create an account before you use this service.

4. SpoofmyText is also a nice website to send Spoof texts. It also supports various Indian network. So, you can use it in India. This site also asks you to first create an account before you send an SMS with a fake number.

5. TexttoPirate

TexttoPirate is another service to send spoof messages. It offers instant sending and supports all over the world network providers. Just visit the website, enter the message, number and sender details. It works fine.

These are few services which you can use to send fake SMS. And once again, please do not use for the illegal purpose. I tested these services while writing this article. But I cannot say for how much time these fake SMS sending websites will be online. So, there is a possibility that any of these sites is not working or may have been shut down. In case you find any of these link not working, you can report to us and we will replace it with a working new service.


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