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5 Notification Bar WordPress Plugins

Notification Bar plugin


You may have seen a beautiful notification bar at the header or footer of many websites. Webmasters or bloggers use this kind of notification to promote an offer or giveaway. It can also be used to display some message to visitors. You can also notice the same in my blog. This notification is developed with JavaScript to notify users about an event, offer or newsletter. These type of notification works great and do the job they are supposed to. If you also want to add the same kind of notification bar to your WordPress blog, you do not need to code any thing. WordPress has many nice plugins to add this kind of notification in one click. In this post, I am adding some good notification bar plugins for WordPress  There are many nice notification bar plugins are available in both paid and free versions. You can select according to your need and website design.

5 Notification Bar WordPress Plugins

1. Hello Bar

This is a free and simple plugin which inserts a notification bar at the top of the website. Most of the bloggers use this plugin to show the top notification message. This plugin lets you create choose whether you want to add your code to head, body or end of body. I personally use this plugin in my blog. You can see at the top side for the demo notification. It is the most popular notification bar plugin available for WordPress.

Hello bar wordpress notification bar plugin

Hello Bar


2. Viper Bar

Viper Bar WordPress notification bar plugin

Viper Bar is another nice plugin that comes with lot more features. It lets users customize look and feel of notification bar and its position on the web page. This plugin also lets users hide notifications and remembers users preference. To increase your email subscribers, it comes with Aweber & Feedburner integration. So, you can easily add a subscribe box at the top notification bar.

Download Viper Bar

3. Foo Bar

Foor bar wordpress plugin

Foo bar is the nice plugin which allows webmaster to add  highly customizable bar to the top of your blog or website. It also allows you to display different notification to different pages. You can easily integrate twitter or RSS feed to display recent posts at the top bar. This plugin is not free but its features justify the price of the plugin. This plugin gets regular update and bug fixes. You will also get full support from developers of the plugin

Foo Bar

4. Notification Toolbar

This WordPress plugin allows users to add a notification at the footer of your blog. This plugin is very basic and add a simple static notification at the footer. I do not recommend this because it can only be used to show static notification.

Notification Bar plugin

Notification Toolbar

5. Quick Notice Bar

It is one of the simplest notice bar WordPress plugins available. This plugin will help the admin to publish highlighted notice on WordPress site header. Any message like offline notice, update notice, tweets, special offers, latest post can be set to attract visitors in 1st sight.


Quick Notice Bar

There are various other plugins also available for this task. What plugin do you use to show notification at the top of your blog? Share your notification bar WordPress plugin with us via comments.


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