5 WordPress Plugins to Protect Your Blog Content


Content is the key to SEO that helps in better ranking in all major search engines. But what if you give your time in writing good quality content and then see that your content is being copied to many other blogs without your permission. Many bloggers are facing this problem and wasting hours to contact copy websites admin and Google to submit a DMCA notice. For bloggers, this is really a great problem and reduce productivity.

Google Panda and Google Penguin updates also penalize copy bloggers. But these are only algorithms and sometimes it penalizes original content producer and copier blog gets better visit and reputation than original blogger.

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These types of conditions discourage bloggers and many leave blogging. But there are some WordPress plugins that can help to save your content from being stolen. In this post, I am listing 5 WordPress plugins to copy-protect content of your WordPress blog.

WordPress Plugins to Protect Your Blog Content

Here are some plugins that help you protect the content of your blog from people who usually copy paste and steal content from other blogs.

1. WP Content Copy Protect

WP Content Copy Protect WordPress plugin protects blog content from getting copied. It disables right-click, image drag and drop, hold to copy function of mobile and disables all keyboard shortcuts used to copy content. In case the visitor has disabled the JS, it also displays a message and forces visitors to enable JS. It also protects your blog from iFrame loading.

The good thing is that this plugin also disables Source view, Save Page and print key functions. The plugin just needs installation and there is no configuration thing.

2.Watermark WP Image Protect

Watermark WP Image Protect is an effective plugin to protect the images of your blog. It applies the text watermark on the images on your website. You can customize the watermark text and its color. The plugin also lets you choose from available fonts, set Watermark Transparency and position. You can also select which images should have a watermark. You can exclude individual images from being watermarked. The plugin also offers Hotlink Prevention.

3. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click is a similar kind of plugin that protects the content of blog posts from being copied by someone else. It disables right-click or context menu, blocks image save requests, shows an alert message, disables all keyboard shortcuts that let a person select, copy, cut content or save the web page.

4. OnePress Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker is also an interesting plugin. This plugin locks a part of the content and gives access only if the person shares the content on social media. So, it helps in getting more social share. As soon as the person shares the content, it will unlock the rest of the content.

5. Copyrighted Post

 Copyright Post WordPress Plugin adds a customized copyright notice at the bottom of your blog posts. The admin page of this plugin is available in English, Russian, Belarus, Simplified Chinese.

These only 5 plugins while there are many plugins available that do the same task. But having only one plugin is enough to protect your blog from those content copiers. But this is not the permanent solution. As many persons are too dedicated and try their hard to copy the content from any blogs. Even some content copier write your full post in their blogs. And there is nothing that can protect you from these types of dedicated copiers.

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