50 High Paying CPM Ad Networks To Try in 2020

High Paying CPM Ad Networks To Try in 2017

CPM? CPM is the cost per 1000 impressions. CPM ad networks pay for the impression of ads on your website. If an ad network agrees to pay $2 CPM, it means you will get $2 for every 1000 ads impression on your website. So you will be paid only for ads impressions on your blog even if your visitors are not clicking on ads. These ads are the best for that website who gets more organic visits or referral visits. Because these visitors will hardly click on your CPC ads. Returning visitors are aware of your website. So, they can easily differentiate between content and ads. They will only click if there is any interesting ad. So, you will not see good CTR in Adsense of other CPC ads networks. If you have high traffic but do not see good CTR in CPC ads, you can go with CPM advertising networks to earn a good income.

There are many CPM ad networks available but choosing a right one is necessary. If you want to earn from your website, you need to choose a high paying ad networks. Most of the ad networks offer varying CPM rates. These rates depend on the country originating the traffic. So, you also need to check the CPM rate based on the country before using the ad network on your blog. Generally, a CPM network pays you $0.5 to $3 per thousand impressions depending on various factors.

Things to know before applying for CPM ad networks

I already made it clear that CPM ad networks pay you for ad impressions. So your website must have more than 500,000 of page views per month if you want to get approved or earn the considerable amount of money. Earning depends on various factors and eCPM varies from country to country. All these ad networks pay regularly. Payment terms depend on the network to network. So, don’t forget to read about payment terms before using it on your website.

Note: I created this list long ago. Few ad networks in the list may not be available. I regularly try to edit this list to remove the outdated name and add the new names.

50 High Paying CPM advertising networks

Here is the list of HIGH PAYING CPM ad networks.

  1. Propeller Ads
  2. Sulvo
  3. BurstMedia
  4. UberCPM
  5. Exponential
  6. Value Click Media
  7. Adbuff
  8. Casale Media
  9. Advertising
  10. BuySellAds
  11. Six apart
  12. Clicksor
  13. IDG Tech
  14. Adify
  15. Vibrant Media
  16. Turn Ads
  17. Right Media
  18. Gorilla Nation
  19. Double Click
  20. Chitika
  21. Conversant Media
  22. ClickBooth
  23. Banner Connect
  24. Adtegrity
  25. Adpepper
  26. CPX Interactive
  27. Adagency1
  28. Canep Media
  29. AdsDaq
  30. Fast Advert
  31. Popuptraffic
  32. AdSmart
  33. Paid To Promote
  34. Morning Falls Network
  35. Axill
  36. Criteo
  37. RadiumOne
  38. RealTech Network
  39. Cubics
  40. Collective Display
  41. Viralytics Media
  42. Clix Galore
  43. AdCamo
  44. Ad Median
  45. Ad Onion
  46. AdReady
  47. Adtegrity
  48. Clove Networks
  49. Amobee
  50. AdBlade Network

In the end, I also want to confirm that CPM rates are not the same for every country. You will get the benefit if your website receives traffic from the US, UK, and Canada. For Indian traffic, CPM rates are low (around $.02 per 1000 impressions). If your website has low traffic from the US, UK, and Canada, you will not see good revenue with these ad networks too.

For alternate revenue methods, you can read the post on top ways of making money from the website. In this guide, I tried to explain the best possible ways to earn money from your blog. I earn money as a full-time blogger. So, I know how you can use your website to generate a full-time income.

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