5M Gmail passwords leak; Check if your email was also in the list


Login credentials of 5 million Gmail accounts have been leaked online on a Russian forums. But Google claims that it is not a serious breach and data that was leaked is old. This data was gathered from various previous leaked of past. Google confirmed that is was not the breach into Google system and only 2% of the username and password combination have worked.

But this can be harmful for you if you have not changed your Google account password for very long time and your email/password is also in the list. In case you want to check whether your email was also leaked, you can try Just enter your email address and check the result. If your email was included in the breach, change your password.

Gmail passwords leak; Check if your email was also leaked
And you should also be prepare to secure your Gmail account. Read these tips for your Gmail account security. You should also learn how to create strong password for your online accounts.

Always try to create strong passwords with the combination of characters and string. And the most important thing to note that never use same passwords for multiple online accounts. Use different passwords for different accounts. If you are afraid of forgetting passwords, you can try using password management tools.



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