6 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Chrome You Must know


Google Chrome is a nice web browser. It comes with various cool features and options to make your web browsing faster and smoother. You can also add more cool features by installing more extensions from Chrome Web Store. Google Chrome also offers various keyboard shortcuts to perform operation faster. In this post, we are adding few cool keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome which you must know.

6 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Chrome You Must know

1. Open New Tab

If you want to open a new tab, you can do this just by pressing CTRL+T.

2. Change Tab

If you have lots of tabs open, you can browse through them with CTRL+TAB. Alternatively, you can also press CTRL+1 through CTRL+9 to open tab at a specific position. For example press CTRL+2 to open the second tab.

3. Bookmark Shortcuts

To add a page to your bookmark page press CTRL + D. After pressing this button, it will open a small pop-up near omnibar to change the name of the bookmark. To open the bookmark bar at the top of the browser, press CTRL + SHIFT + B.


4. Browsing History Shortcuts

To open the browsing history, press CTRL + H. To go back to the previous page press backspace button. To go to the next page press Alt + the right arrow.

5. Open Search Box

If you want to find a text on the web page, press CTRL + F. And a search box will be there at the top right side of the browser.

6. Clear Browsing Data

If you want to clear browsing history, download history, cookies, cache and other browser data, press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. Clear browsing data window will open.

These are few important Google Chrome shortcuts, you can also see other Google Chrome Shortcuts by pressing CTRL+ALT+?


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