6 Ways to Earn Money Online

Ways to Earn Money Online

In past few days, I received many messages on the Facebook page regarding online earning without any investment. There are many who want to earn money online. In few websites, you will also see ads saying 2 Kids Mummy earning $**** online. This is the reason why people take interest in online earning. Actually, most of those ads are fake but there are many working ways that can earn good money for you. If you have any kind of talent, you can easily earn good amount of money without any kind of investment. In this post, I am writing 6 best ways to earn money online.

6 ways to Earn Money Online

1. Blogging:

Blogging is the best and most popular way to earn money online. If you got writing skill, you can blog about anything. Blogging looks easy as most of the people think that writing is not hard. But writing quality does matter. On the Internet, you will find many professional bloggers earning four figure income per month in dollars. Now the question is that how you can earn money by blogging without any investment. Start your blog on any free blogging platform. Try to promote your blog and learn how to get traffic to your blog.  At least get 100 visitors per day to start earning. When you have enough visitors you go for Google Adsense or other Google Adsense alternate ad networks to get advertisements. For a new blog, it is hard to get Adsense, so read how to get Adsense approval easily. Ads are not the only way to monetize your blog. I will write a separate post on earning money via the blog.

2. Link Shorten Ads:

There are few link shortening services that pay for using their shortening services. These services pay on CPM basis but CPM depends on the country of traffic. Suppose CPM for the USA is $4. And your link gets 1000 clicks from United states people, you will receive $4. The more people click on the link, the more money you will earn. You can promote your links via Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites. See 7 Link Shortening services that pay for using a link shortener. If you have a blog, you can use these links in your posts to get more clicks.

3. Affiliate marketing:

There are many online services that pay to refer customers. if customer purchase order via your referral, you will receive your commission. For products, Amazon affiliate marking is the most popular one. You can join the affiliate services and start promoting products to get the sale. Facebook, blog and social media websites are the best places to promote your products. Bluehost, Hostgator and other web hosting services have similar kind of affiliate system. They pay when a person buys hosting from your referral. Most of the online shopping website has an affiliate system. You only need to compare their payment rates and start promoting their products with your referral.
Clickbank is the most popular affiliate marketing network. Join Clickbank, select products, promote online and earn. Clickbank gives good affiliate share. Most of the persons who earn money online use this way.

4. Write an e Book:

If you have good knowledge about something and can write an e-book, you can earn money by selling your ebook. There are various self-publishing platforms that can help you to sell and promote your ebook online. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo are few websites where you can sell your e-book and earn up to 70% commission. If you feel that you can write a book, you can earn. This can be another nice way to earn money online without spending a penny.

5: Freelancing:

If you have any kind of skill related to computer, programming, design, SEO, article writing, logo designing or other, you can do these works for people to earn money. Elance.com, Freelancer.com and many other websites help people to find freelancing work easily. You will find various web design, logo design, and article writing projects online. If you think you can do, you should try once. get projects online, complete and get payment.Fiverr is another nice service where you can earn by getting work based on your skills. Freelancing is another most popular way of earning money online.

Fiverr is another nice service where you can earn by getting work based on your skills. Freelancing is another most popular way of earning money online.

6: Online Tutoring:

You can use your knowledge and teach students online. There are many online websites where you can create your own courses and start posting your lessons. People will subscribe your course and pay you to learn. There are some online teaching websites where you can create live sessions. Students will join your lessons live. They will learn and ask your questions. Solve their problems. All these websites will pay you on per hour basis. Wiziq.com, Buddyschool.com, theetutor.com, udemy.com are few websites where you can join and take online classes.

These are few ways that will help you to earn money online. You can choose anyway according to skills you have and start earning.

Happy Earning 😀


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