7 Best In-Text Advertising Programs For Bloggers

In-Text Advertising is a different kind of contextual advertising where specific keywords on your website are converted into advertising links. When visitor hover these links, these link display ads. This is another good way of earning money from your blog. Most of the times, these ads pay per click basis (PPC) but few advertisers pay per impression too. If you think that it can hurt your SEO, you should also know that these ads use JavaScript to place links and links are temporary.  So, Google will never see these links as backlinks and presence of in-text link advertisement on your blog won’t hurt your site SEO.

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Most of these adnetworks are compatible with Google Adsense and doesn’t violate Adsense policies. If you do not have adsense you can use these popular adsense alternate advertising networks

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Before writing about popular in-text advertising networks, I want to say that these ads may irritate sometimes. If you are running a niche blog for affiliate marketing, it can reduce the clicks on affiliate links within blog post. So, avoid it if you see less CTR in affiliate links or increase in bounce rate.

Before using any advertising network, you should have enough traffic. If you do not have traffic, you cannot earn money by any monetization method. Read few tips to boost traffic of your blog.

In-Text Advertising Programs For Bloggers

See best 7 In-Text advertising programs and start earning money with your blog.

1. Infolinks

Infolinks is the most popular in-Text advertising network. It pays per click basis. More click you receive, more revenue you will earn. Minimum payout of Infolinks is $50 which is easy to reach if you have good traffic on your blog. It pays via Paypal and bank wire transfer.

2. Kontera

Kontera is another leading in-text advertising network. It is easy to setup for any kind of blogs. It has built-in links for WordPress, Blogger, Joomla and Drupal websites. Like Infolinks, it also has minimum payout of $50. It pays via PayPal.

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3. Clicksor

Clicksor is also a popular adnetwork that offers In-text advertising along with its banner advertising. It also has a referral program that may earn you 10% of what ever your referral publisher earns. for up to 1 year. It also has $50 minimum payout and pays via PayPal, check and account credit.

4. Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media comes with 100% user-controlled In-Text advertising. It allows users to view advertising only when hover the word of interest. It has $50 minimum payout.

5. Be Context

Be Context is also a nice in Text ads network. it also has banner ads and text ads option to increase ads revenue. It gives good browsing experience. It also has $50 minimum payout and pays via Paypal, Bank wire transfer or ACH.

6. BuiltinText

Builtintext is also a popular in-text advertising solution. It pays on the 1st of each months via Paypal, Checks and bank wire transfer. It only pays if you reached to minimum $25 threshold.

7. Affinity Ads

Affinity Ads is a popular adnetwork which also offers in-text advertising. It claims to give up to 95% revenue share to its publishers. It has Smart commercial keyword highlighting technology to give you better earning.

Let us know which in-text advertising network your are using. Share your views and experience about in-text advertising with us via comments.

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