7 Tools to test Check Cross-Browser Compatibility


Every browser has a different way of HTML parsing and support. So a website will look different in different browsers. If you will try to check on each individual browser, it will take enough time and most of the time it is impossible. Use these cross-browser compatibility testing tools to check how your webpage looks in other browsers and then try to remove it if it is causing problems in some browsers.

This post is about famous cross-browser compatibility testing tools. Cross-Browser testing tools help to check how your design will look in different browsers from a single system.

Online cross-browser compatibility testing tools

1. Browserling

Cross-Browser Compatibility testing tool

Browserling is a live interactive cross-browser testing tool to check your website in different browsers. It works on HTML5 <canvas> and JavaScript. So, you do not need to install anything in the browser. In free plans, you have a few limitations. But switching to premium plans will give you full access to this tool.

2. Browsershots

Cross-Browser Compatibility testing tool

Browsershots is another nice tool for testing your website in different browsers. You can test your website in most of the available browsers and operating systems. This online browse compatibility tool is open-source, so developers can also contribute or use the source code in their existing applications.

3. BrowserBox

Browserbox Cross-Browser Compatibility testing tool

Browser box is a nice tool for web application testing persons for cross-browser testing. It includes 20 versions of 12 different browsers. These browsers include browsers of all desktop and smartphone platforms.

4. Cross Browser Testing

Cross-Browser Compatibility testing tool

Cross Browser Testing is another excellent tool that lets you check your website in dozens of different browsers. This tool is paid but enables you to access a free trial of the tool. This tool also tests pages behind logins.

5. Spoon

Cross-Browser Compatibility testing tool

Spoon‘s Browser Sandbox lets you test your website in various versions of all popular browsers including  Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox mobile.

6. SauceLabs

Saucelabs Cross-Browser Compatibility testing tool

Saucelabs is also a nice testing tool that lets you perform automated testing on your website. This is more than just a cross-browser testing tool. The important thing you need to know is that it is paid, so you need to select the subscription as per your need.

7. TestingBot

Testingbot Cross-Browser Compatibility testing tool

TestingBot is also a good cross-browser testing tool. It offers both automated and manual browser testing. You can test your website in 138 browser and OS combinations.

Wrap Up

You can also search for more Cross-Browser Compatibility testing tools on Google. There are many popular and nice Cross-Browser Compatibility testing tools available. You must use any of these tools if you are a template or theme designer. Because your website must look nice in all browsers. You can not force users to use some particular supported browsers for using your website. They will go somewhere else.

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