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UseThisTip is tech blog in which We try to solve your computer and internet related problems In this blog, we post computer and internet tricks along with review of web and mobile apps. We also review software and will try to bring best alternative software so that you do not need to buy paid software. Topics covered in this blog are troubleshooting your computer, optimizing the performance of your system. software review, browser, web apps and cool trick. In this we try to change the mindset that computer technology is only for geek. A normal Internet user can also learn cool things and become smarter.

Who’s the geek behind UseThisTip?


I am Deepanker Verma, the person behind this blog. I live in New Delhi India, capital of world’s largest democracy India. I am a security researcher, web developer and computer geek. I have a great passion in experimenting with computer, gaming, web design and blogging. You can see my online presence at http://deepankerverma.com.

I have also been acknowledged by Microsoft, Apple, Ebay, Symantec and few other companies for finding security-related bugs in their online applications.

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I also created a gadget research portal to help you find best product in your budget.


UseThisTip is a tech blog focused on offering articles related to computer related problems and software review. We review the desktop software, mobile apps, web apps and services. We also offer tips and guides for various computer related topics..

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