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How to add Facebook Stickers to Facebook Posts or Status Updates

Stickers on facebook Post


You might have seen plenty of posts on your timeline where people have been using stickers in their posts. It looks pretty cool? But how to do it? It is the most common question come in your mind when you see someone posting status updates with Facebook Stickers. To give you the answer, I am here with the article.

In this article, I will post how to add Facebook Stickers to Facebook Posts.

How to add Facebook Stickers to Facebook Posts or Status Updates

This can be done by using Facebook’s mobile app. Follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open the Facebook mobile app and click on the status box.


Step 2: Here select “Feeling/Acitivity”.

add Facebook Stickers to Facebook Posts or Status Updates

Step 3: Now click on Stickers tab and you will find all the stickers you have.

Step 4: Simply select the stickers you like and want to add in your update.

If the sticker is an animation, it will also be shown animating on your newsfeed.

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Final Words

If you also want to share stickers as a Facebook post, you can follow the given steps. It is simple and quick. As the stickers are not available on the desktop for the feeling section, you cannot post stickers from the desktop. So, use the Facebook mobile app only if you want to try this method.



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