Add “I’m Feeling Lucky” button in YouTube Search With this Chrome extension



Google has a long history of home page with “I’m Feeling Lucky’” button. Even if it is very less used feature,  Google is still not removing it just because it looks good on home page. This button does not do something extraordinary but to redirect you first search result without showing search results page. So, write a query and then click on this button to directly visit the first result. If you want to do the same in YouTube, you have no option there. But this Google Chrome extension can help you in this.
Youtube I am feeling Lucky is a Google Chrome extension which automatically adds a “I’m Feeling Lucky” button in YouTube search. See the screenshot below:

Add "I’m Feeling Lucky" button in YouTube Search With this Chrome extension

Type a search keyword and click on this button to directly visit the first result. This can save lots of time by skipping the search results page.

This works awesome in most of the times. But it will redirect you on weird results for those queries which shows unofficial or viral videos high in YouTube search results than official video. So, you will not always land on a relevant result. Still, it is good. You can always use the search button to see results and then click on any desirable video link.

Try this Google Chrome extension and share how you feel about this.


Download and install this Chrome extension



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