Add Voice Control In Website With JavaScript – Voix.js

voix.js JavaScript library


On any websites, Mouse is the primary method of input on desktop and touch on mobile devices. Few websites also implement keyboard shortcuts for few operations. But what if you want to add voice control to perform actions and navigate to other part of the website. Yes, you can do with the help of Javascript.

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Voix.js is a nice JavaScript library which lets you add voice control on your website. Use is almost similar like we do for other Js based libraries.

Just include the JS in your HTML file.

Then create a new instance:

To set a voice command for an event, use the below code. In the below example, it will set ‘Play’ voice command for  action.

Read more about this JS library on its official website.


It is worth to mention that this library works only in Google Chrome. So, take care this and add a note on your website for users if you are planning to use it in your website.


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