AudioDocs Converts MS Word Documents to Audio Files


We all use MS Word files for creating various kind of official and non-official documents. Have you ever thought of listening these documents? There is a nice Windows tool called AudioDocs that can convert a MS Word file into an audiobook. AudioDocs is an opensource program that converts DOC/DOCX files into a WAV file.
Although the interface of the app is not so good, but it works fine. After downloading it from Sourceforge, run the app. It will only have a single button labelled ‘MS Word to AudioDoc.’ Click on this button to browse the MS Word file from your system that you want to convert into an audio file.

AudioDocs Converts Ms Word Documents to Audio Files

After selecting the source document file, it will show another window with few more options. You can adjust speaking rate, volume and TTS (text to Speech) from list. After selecting these options, click on Create AudioDoc button. In few seconds, your audio book is ready.

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This app does not support batch conversion of document files. You can only convert document files into WAV audio format. But the app works really fine. Conversion into an audio file is impressive. The only thing one miss in the app is the lack of MP3 format support because WAV files take too much space. Let’s hope this audio format will be added soon.


The app works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.

Download AudioDocs from Sourceforge



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