Auto Clear Download History In Chrome


Like other browsers, Google Chrome also keeps track of all downloads in download list. You can access this download list by pressing CTRL+J keys. It also display the recently downloaded files at the bottom of browser window. If you download files often, bottom download bar may irritate you. So, you can set Google Chrome to auto-clear download history. This feature is not available in Chrome, but you can add this feature by installing “Always Clear Downloads” extension in Chrome.

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Auto Clear Download History In ChromeAlways Clear Downloads” extension automatically clear the download history in every 5 seconds. Install the extension in Google Chrome and it will add a drop like icon in the browser’s omni bar. You can click this icon to manually clear the download history. But clicking on this icon doesn’t make sense because it will automatically clear the download history in every 5 seconds.

Downloaded files will never be affected. It only clears the download history. In-progress downloads will be there and it will not affect those.

If you want to automatically clean download history, you can use this browser extension. If you use download history to locate downloaded files in your system, this extension is not for you. But I personally want to keep my browsers’ download list clear and daily I do it manually. This extension has made it really easy.


Use “Always Clear Downloads” browser extension and share your views with us via comments.