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Relaxed for social media auto reply

In email services, there is an option for vacation auto responder. In this, you can set a custom reply message for all incoming emails. Some people also use this to send auto-reply to all emails they receive. What if you want to have this kind of feature in your Facebook or Twitter accounts. “Relaxed” is a nice web application that lets users set auto responder in Facebook and Twitter. You can also use it as a vacation responder for your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You only need to add your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It will send a reply whenever someone contacts you.

Relaxed a simple and easy to use web application. You only need to follow three steps to set vacation responder. Connect your social media accounts, select your message and activate auto responder.

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Visit Relaxed and connect your Facebook and Twitter account. You can either connect both accounts or any one which you want. 

Relaxed for social media auto reply

Relaxed for social media auto reply
Once you are connected, it will start showing your profile pictures of both profile along with a button to disconnect your accounts from Relaxed.
Relaxed for social media auto reply

Then, select an auto reply message from the given list. If you want to add custom message, you can edit the given auto reply messages to create one. This auto responder message will only be valid for a week.

Relaxed for social media auto reply

Once you have selected the auto responder message, click the ‘Activate’ button. If you will not start responding you messages. In Facebook when someone writes on your wall, it will send the response. In Twitter when someone mentions you, it will respond with the custom message you selected. It also works with Twitter and Facebook messages. It does not work when someone directly writes on your wall.

As you can disconnect your accounts any time, once you are back from vacations you can disconnect your accounts from Relaxed. It is really a nice application which a power twitter and Facebook user can use. If you are going for a long vacation, you can use Relaxed to let people know that you are not ignoring anyone. In reality you are not using your social media accounts.

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Visit Relaxed

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