Automatically Clear Cache Each Time Before Loading WebPage in Chrome


When you visit a website, it cache the page and stores the static content of the web page including images, CSS and JS in the local storage. When you again visit the same website again, it will use the local storage and server the page from the local cache. By caching a website, it tries to reduce the bandwidth usage. But browser cache is sometimes not useful. Because you will have to wait to see the recently update CSS changes. So, web developers use CTRL+F5 to refresh the page. By using this keyboard shortcut, you are forcing browser not to serve the page from the cache. But you can make this process easier by installing Cache Killer extension in Google Chrome. After installing this Google Chrome extension, you can easily enable/disable Chrome’s cache feature in just single click.

Cache Killer is a nice Google Chrome extension. Once installed in Chrome, it adds a ‘X’ button in Omni bar. By default it is red and disable. Clicking on this button will enable it and changes the color of button into Green. When it is enable, it will automatically clear the cache before loading a new page and thus it loads the actual content of the page from the server. This does not carry any extra option.

Automatically Clear Cache Each Time Before Loading WebPage in Chrome

This extension is helpful for web designers. If you do not want to download the extension, you can easily perform the task by pressing CTRL+F5.

Try this extension and share your views with us via comment.

Install Cache Killer in Google Chrome



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