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Best Infographics tools

Infographic is the visual representation of data as a diagram or chart for presenting complex information clearly. Readers will prefer looking at infographic rather than reading a 1000 words article. Infographic has been around for many years, but it has gained popularity in recent years. Most of the big websites now prefer infographics for presenting numbers in a clear manner. Infographic includes charts, images, tables, and figures. If you are thinking that creating infographics is hard and one cannot do this without knowledge of Photoshop, you are wrong. There are few online tools which let users create your own infographic easily.

Before you start using these Infographics tool, you need to learn how to visualize a content. You need to brainstorm and develop your visualization. Without these things, you cannot create a good engaging Infographics. When you are ready for that, you can use any of the given tools to start creating Infographics.

Tools For Creating Infographics

1. Canva

Canva is another good tool for creating visual graphics and infographics. I personally love Canva. With its dedicated infographic maker, you can create any kinds of infographics with available design, templates, and design elements. You can also purchase premium elements starting for just $1.

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2. Piktochart

Piktochart is another nice infographic tool that lets you create infographics. This tool is nice for beginner and professional designer as well. It has a nice DIY editor where you can create your own infographics. You can add additional graphics to make it better. This is a feature rich tool with available templates and design elements. You have icons, images, charts, maps and ready-to-use graphics. You can start using this tool for free but there also paid packages

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3. is also a nice tool for data visualization and infographics. With this tool, you can easily create infographics in seconds. You don’t need to be designer or analyst for creating infographics. It also comes with social network integration to analyze Twitter and Facebook data.

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4. is also a nice web-based tool with nice themes and great interface. Use this tool for creating infographics. This option also lets you create charts using real data. There are many options for creating cool graphics, radial bar graphics, scatter charts, bubble graphics, and maps. You have drag and drop kind of editor. You can also import data from different online services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Analytics and OneDrive. WordPress plugin is also available that lets you publish your Infographics or chart directly on your blog.

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5. Easel.Ly is another free tool you need to know for creating infographics. You get lots of templates or just go with a fresh start. You can also search templates based on category. You have a visual editor for editing a template. You have the option to add text, shapes, charts, backgrounds and more.

This tool is available for free but you have the option to go with the paid plan. The paid plan brings better feature and more content to use in your Infographics.

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6. Vizualize.Me is a nice tool that allows users to create an online resume in graphical format. It enables users to visualize their LinkedIn profile to create a better impact o the employer. It beautifully summarizes your professional capabilities to make an impression. The company claims that it has already generated over half a million resumes.

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7. Venngage

Venngage is also similar to Canva with lots of options. It is available for free with the option to update to the premium plan. It is also easy to use tool for creating several kinds of graphics.

There are lots of templates and ready to use design elements. You just need to drag-and-drop and align things. You can include charts and maps kind of things to make it more impressive.

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Final Words

Google Charts, Creately, and iCharts are also few nice tools to consider. Infographics is a nice way to present a content in a beautiful manner. If you are into content marketing, you need to use Infographics and see how your content becomes good engagement online.

If you know any good Infographics tool, you can share it with us in the comments.  Share what tool do you use for creating infographics? Comment below.

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