Best Free load and performance testing tools for web applications

load and performance testing tools

Before I come on the topic and tell you best load and performance testing tools for web applications, I want to tell you that automated testing is must for a web application before you go live. And you must also know what tools to use. With automated testing tools, you can test every feature of an application with one click and get proper report. You can measure the load capacity of your application. This is important because your application can perform different when 10-100 users are active and when more than 10000 users are active. So, it is important to test how much load your website can bear.

If you are going live with a web application, you must perform two testings.

  • Functionality testing: Test functions of a website
  • Load or stress testing: Test how much active users your website can bear to perform normally

In this article, I will only be talking about the tools to perform load or stress or performance testing

Load and performance testing

Load and performance testing of a website is the process of measuring the response of website on peak load conditions. If helps you identify the behaviour of web application on peak load and find possible issues. It is helpful to go with performance and load testing before putting your website live.

There are various paid and free tools are available for this. If you do not want to pay, you can use freely available tools. In this post, I am adding only free load and performance testing tools.

Free load and performance testing tools for web applications

See this list of list of performance testing tools for web applications.

Apache JMeter

It is an opensource desktop application written in java. It is designed to test performance of a web applications. It can perform load and performance testing on several protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, SOAP/REST, FTP. JDBC, POP3, IMAP, MangoDB, TCP and native commands. This tool comes with GUI design to make it easy to use.

Web Capacity Analysis Tool (WCAT)

Web Capacity Analysis Tool (WCAT)  is a lightweight HTTP load generation tool to measure the performance of a web server. It can simulate thousands of requests to a single website to test the server. It also supports SSL and IPv6. This tool is lightweight and is available windows operating system.

The Grinder

The Grinder is a load testing framework built on Java. it makes it easy to run a distributed test using many load injector machines. Its test scripts are written in Jython and Clojure. With graphical console, you can monitor multiple load injectors. This tool is freely available.


JCrawler another opensource tool for stress testing. It comes with crawling feature. Just give it a starting URL and it will start crawling from that starting point. By using this way, it performs load testing on web applocation.


Pylot is also an opensource tool to run HTTP load tests for performance and scalability testing of web service. It generates concurrent HTTP requests and see how server is responding to these number of requests.


Fwptt is also an opensource web application load testing tool. This tool can record normal and ajax requests.


Siege is an http regression testing tool. It lets developers measure the performance of code under high load and see how it will stand up to load in real environment. It also supports basic authentication, HTTP and HTTPS.

These were the freely available performance and load testing tools for web application. Many paid tools are also available to offer better user experience and reporting. But paid tools are costly. If you cannot afford paid tools, you can start with these free tools. You will surely find these tools enough for testing your application.

If you know any other good load and performance testing tools which should be in the list, you can comment below to let me know and I will surely add that in this list.

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