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If you are a web designer, you know how hard it is to find images for your theme or landing pages. Sometimes it takes hours to find free stock images. After selecting the image, you also have overhead of cropping the image to desired size. If you are planning to design a theme or template for selling it in marketplace like Themeforest, you cannot not use any random image due to copyright issue. To solve this problem, t4.These images are free to use and easy to use. In this post, I am listing few best placeholder images services for you. Try any of these and create good designs without spending time on searching images.

Best Placeholder Images Services for Web Designers Placeholder Images Services is the popular placeholder image service. It does not use random images but use solid color image with text on it. You can customize the text and color of the image. See the sample code below to use image from this placeholder image service.

2. PlaceKitten

PlaceKitten placeholder image


PlaceKitten is also a similar kind of placeholder image service which puts random images of cats. You can customize the size via URL like in the previous service.

Dummy image

DummyImage is similar to It also show a solid filled image with text on it. See the below URL sample for example.

4. Placebear


Placebear is similar to placekitten but it puts the images of bears. Use of this service is also the same.

5. 420 Placehold it

420 Placehold it is another popular website for placeholder images. It show random images when you put an image tag from this website. It offers images in various modes like Normal, Black & white, Sepia. Sketch and other

There are various other sources which also offers similar kind of placeholder images. YOu can search more on Google. But these 5 added by me are good enough for your work.


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