Block Harmful Scripts of Websites on Chrome with Script Defender Extension

Script Defender is an extension for Google Chrome browser. It works similar to NoScript add-on for Firefox. Script Defender helps users to block scripts, plugins and other annoying things of a website. With this extension installed in your browser, you can decide which scripts which you do not want to run on your browser. Thus, it protects you and save bandwidth as well.

Script Defender Extension on Chrome

When you install Script Defender, it adds a blue shield icon in omnibar of Chrome. This icon is used to open configuration options of the extension. Just after the installation, it opens the settings page of the extension. Here, you can create a whitelist of websites. Google and YouTube are added to the list by default. In the whitelist, you can add those websites which are allowed to run any kind of scripts. 
You will also find a section for list at the right side of whitelist. Difference between list and whitelist is that whitelist is permanent. And list is only for default browsing session. If you want to add settings on few websites only for current browsing session, add those websites to list.
Script Defender Extension on Chrome

You can also block images and iframes if you think it should be blocked. You will also see the buttons for accessing other settings at the top of the settings page. 

Whenever you visit a website, click on the shield option to control the scripts and other items of the website. You will see various options like block images, block iframs, block JavaScript and many others. You can also add a website to whitelist direct from this popup options window.

Script Defender Extension on Chrome

It also adds options in context menu for quickly enable and disable scripts and other items of a web page.

Script Defender Extension for Chrome

I tried the extension and it seems working fine. At this moment, I am not sure how effective it is. But it does what it claims. If you are looking for NoScript like extension for Chrome, Script Defender is a nice option. Google Chrome already has a native blocking mechanism to protect you. Using this extension will add extra layer of security. Try this extension and share your experience with us via comments.

Add Script Defender to Chrome


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