How to Block Websites and Monitor Web Browsing with Supervised User on Chrome

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There could be several reasons for blocking access to a website. Here, I am not going to discuss that. I am sure you already know several ways to block websites. I already wrote how to block a website on your network or system with OpenDNS. You can also block websites on Chrome with several extensions. But, this article is about blocking a website on Chrome without any extension. Not just blocking, there could be few reasons why you need to monitor what websites were accessed. Even if you can always check the history, but another person can remove history as well. So, I have a good option that you can try.

This option is suitable when you want to give your system to other temporarily. This is the best way if you have a child at home and you want to handover system with restricted but monitored.

Chrome allows you to create multiple users. So, you can create a supervised user profile. It lets you monitor visited websites, block websites, block apps, Block extensions and more. So, In this guide, I will tell you how to create a supervised user profile and block websites.

Now Click on three-dotted menu icon at the top-right side of Chime and go to Settings. In the top side, you see People section. Here Click on “Manage other People.”

Chrome block websites

It will open a new page that offers an option to add a new person. Add a new person and don’t miss to select the Superview option at the bottom side of the page. This option lets you view what this account does on Chrome.

BLock websites CHrome

Now you can go, to manage the supervised user you added. Here, select the Supervised user you added. This is how it looks.

Block website on CHrome

To block a website, click on Manage at the top right side in Permissions section. In the new block, you will get the option to block a URL or whole domain. Add domains of those websites that you want to block for this user.

Block websites

Now you are set to use the new user. Whenever you want to give access with new “Supervised user,” just switch the user by clicking on username at the top-left corner.

Chrome block and monitor

You can easily switch to Supervised user and back to normal user.

You can always go and see what websites were accessed. Not just URLs, you can also see what queries were searched on Google. The panel also shows if blocked websites were requested. For blocked websites, other persons can request you to get access. You will get notification and option to allow access.

Supervised user

Final Words

Now you know how to use Supervised user for properly monitoring usage of your browser. This is very useful if you want to give access to your browser to your kids. You can easily monitor their Internet usage and block websites that you do not want them to access.

I hope this article was clear enough. If you have anything to ask, you can always leave a comment.

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