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Brick Fonts – Google Web Fonts Alternative You Should Check


If you ask a web designer about the best place to get a good font, you will get ‘Google Fonts’ as the answer. Even I used to visit Google fonts every time I need a font for my website or blog until I found Brick. Brick is another nice website where you can check for new fonts.

Brick offers a big collection of fonts. At the time of writing this blog post, there were 60 different fonts. Before you read more, it is to note:

The fonts served by Brick are clones of the original, converted without modification to several formats for wider browser compatibility.

Unlike Google fonts, you cannot write a text and then see its sample on all fonts. You need to open fonts individually and then write the sample text you want to check.

Brick Fonts - Google Web Fonts Alternative

But the benefit is that it shows you sample in all kind of text formats including H1 to H6 headings and paragraph of different font sizes. So, you can have an easy idea of its exact look and feel on a web page.

To use a font, click on + icon at the bottom right side of the box and then see the bucket. If you are selecting multiple fonts, you do not need to include multiple CSS files. It will give you a combined CSS file with option to select font size.

Brick Fonts - Google Web Fonts Alternative

Fonts are fine and work fine on most of the browsers. Good thing is that these fonts load fast and do not make your website slow.

Check Brick Fonts



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